Season 2022 - Western Bulldogs

Western Bulldogs

Coach – Luke Beveridge

2021 –

Points For – 2nd
Points Against – 4th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Marcus Bontempelli
  2. Jack Macrae
  3. Tom Liberatore
  4. Bailey Dale
  5. Caleb Daniel

2021 Rising Star Noms

Cody Weightman (Round 10)

Ins – Tom O’Brien, Sam Darcy, Arthur Jones, Luke Cleary, Charlie Parker, Robbie McComb

Outs – Ben Cavarra, Will Hayes, Lin Jong, Patrick Lipinski, Easton Wood, Lewis Young

My Prediction

I remember a time when I didn’t care about the Western Bulldogs, I was even mildly happy for their fans when they won their premiership. I mean it was nice that a team with no money, no fans and a mediocre history did something worthwhile. I don’t feel that way anymore, their arrogance and sense of belonging with the big boys annoys me now and I enjoyed their missing out last year with a list that should probably have won a premiership.

The backline is working class but will get the job done. Cordy and Keath don’t feel good enough to build a back line around but their system supports them and they drop back when needed to make it very difficult for their opponents, Dale and Daniel are as good off half back as anyone.

The midfield is the best in the competition. Its embarassing how much talent they have up there. Smith, Libba, Hunter, the Bont, Macrae, Treloar and Dunkley. They have everything and they work both ways. Stopping their midfield is almost impossible.

The forwardline should be ready to do something special this year. They are kissed on the proverbial by the umpires with their squib, Weightman (I would kill to have him in Bombers colours). JUH will see more time this year. Naughton is a serious talent who may even head back where I hear he is more comfortable. English will still spend plenty of time up foward but should also increase his ruck minutes this year.

The rucks are probably still a slight weak spot. English needs to put on some weight and use some of his tricks, Martin goes around again but at times last year looked finished so will be interesting. The coach has plenty of runs on the board and escaped scrutiny last year, should have finished in the top four with the list quality and depth they have.

I think the Bulldogs are a top two team. They were patchy during the year last year and struggled at times with injury and chemistry. Everything came together in the finals and I think that they will be even better this year. They should finish top four and should finish top two.


won’t suprise me if they miss the 8 at all

Very well put. I think a lot of people have the Bulldogs as favourites this year and I can see why, they have a pretty complete team. Hard to look past WB and Melbourne to make the GF.

[quote=“westozziebomber, post:2, topic:24599, full:true”]
won’t suprise me if they miss the 8 at all

Premiership favs for me.


Just getting my “FARK CODY WEIGHTMAN” in early in preparation for when we play them.


Bottom 4


Best 22

B: Taylor Duryea, Alex Keath, Caleb Daniel

HB: Bailey Williams, Zaine Cordy, Hayden Crozier

C: Lachie Hunter, Jack Macrae, Adam Treloar

HF: Josh Dunkley, Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, Bailey Smith

F: Mitch Hannan, Aaron Naughton, Cody Weightman

FOLL: Tim English, Marcus Bontempelli, Tom Liberatore,

I/C: Stefan Martin, Jason Johannisen, Laitham Vandermeer, Ed Richard’s
** EMG:** Josh Bruce (knee), , Sam Darcy, Josh Schache, , Anthony scott,

Dogs are good.still can’t believe we let them back in late second quarter of the final

Good midfield, ok forward, defence a bit workmanlike

predicted finish 1-8 will make finals, Dogs and Demons were one of two best teams for majority of 2021

Without bruce.

They would be hoping for one or a couple from Schache, Sam Darcy or Jamarra Ugle-Hagan can stand up when counted.


How the fck did these blokes manged play in a GF after years from winning one? we cant even win a final or get there in 20 years

Hahaha hd please

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Losing Bruce & Wood will test their depth a bit over the year.
Should be good enough to make top easily, but depending a fair bit on JUH and English taking the next step.

Fold and die


Their list reminds me of Geelong’s 2007-2011 (awesome midfield and middling forwardline) but with less talent in the backhalf.
Should be top 4 easily but iirc they didn’t bounce back all that well from 2016 so who knows.

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I hope we beat them because Draper destroys English in the same way English destroyed Phillips

Belt these clowns.

Have consistently been pampered by the umps in recent years.

■■■■ 'em. Another 60 year flag drought, please.



Will play in the GF

I predict that Hayden Crozier will be this year’s “Player bizarrely used as lead ruck, while Tim English tries to rove the ball or sits in a forward pocket, by the genius Luke Beveridge, only to result in said player requesting a trade away from the Bulldogs at years end because they are peeved at what was clearly a ■■■■■■■ moronic idea by the mastermind Luke Beveridge to play them in the ruck”

Past recipients:

  • 2020: Josh Dunkley
  • 2021: Lewis Young

This will be the last year for this award, because Tim English will soon request a trade to the Eagles to salvage what is left of his hollowed out confidence.


Oh boo hoo. Oh woe is you. Grow up.

Dogs are the genuine article. As mentioned in the OP their midfield has serious depth. The only weakness l can detect is the one that was exploited by the Dees in the GF, the ruck. Martin is a warrior, but English is a squib, there l said it. He is mobile and athletic, but lacks an appetite for the contest. Leaving him in the forward line can’t hide how soft he is, and he is so very, very soft. Bevo’s determination to leave/protect him him by playing him in the forward line was badly exposed.


Because they had a young side in 2016 where they got kissed by luck & the umpires and won from 6th or so. Then due to some bad management and bad luck it took them 4 years to get back. And even last year, they wouldn’t have made top 4 without the umpires giving them an armchair ride vs Brisbane.