Season 2022 - Western Bulldogs

You don’t have to snap at me just wanted to know how they did it


@Finding_Nino is right in terms of how quick that rebuild was from 2016 Premiership to another GF in 2021

It’s not really a rebuild. They were ahead of schedule in 2016

Bit like the Hawks pre the 3peat

All the quality young players they had were at early stages of their journey and then as per the Dogs we’re a fully established experienced core group.


Also having a good coach helps

Just like you don’t have to whinge about Essendon in every other thread. You don’t have to do it, but you do it anyway.


I just think @Finding_Nino has high standards and expects better … we all should after the past 20 years

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Should go one better this year. They should be as driven as they ever will be after their defeat in the GF. List is cherry ripe in terms of age to have a 4-5 year window to win premierships. Adding Ugle-Hagan, who should be better 2nd season in, and Sam Darcy, one of the best ruck/forward prospects around, will only deepen their talent pool. My tip for the flag…

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Nino pls


Not exactly sure what’s wrong with expecting better? Each to their own I guess …

wheres old mate who reckons JUH wants a trade to us? look forward to that again


It’s not whinging just frustrated at the lack of success in 20 years

Hopefully that changes now.

Thankfully I was old enough to witness 93 and 2000

I feel sorry for Essendon fans who were born after 2000

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don’t feel sorry for them. They’re at a good age to really celebrate hard when we win 3 premierships in the next 5 years


The Bulldogs are stacked on every line, play as a cohesive unit, are well coached and work hard both ways.

Injuries permitting they should finish top 2 minimum.

I’d like Ugle-Hagan to show a bit of form, or build a bit of body strength before we go chasing him.
He is worth watching anyway given struggles and former No#1 pick
King would be #1 preference if chasing a forward

Need Courtney Ugle to deliver and bring Bobby Hill here first, then she can move onto Ugle-Hagan

Maybe Menzies will come back too during trade period.

Our 2000 team was well positioned to win 3 in 5 years, so this team doing so will just get us back to break even :nerd_face:

It was @bidzy :disguised_face: who taught me how to aim high


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This is bidzy

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