Season 2022 - Western Bulldogs



I don’t think they’ve finished top 4 after the H&A season for over a decade.

They’ve lost their near-Coleman-winning FF from last year, have no ruck and a limited defence. I think they’ll finish 5-8.

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@bidzy we’re all hanging out for more of your back story.

What would you like to know ?

Are you a nurse?


The Trelaor / Dunkley bromance is almost sickening. Even podcast together (how they train)
on the phone to each other every day.
Dunkley is going no where. Not that we need him given parish ascension and Caldwell promise.

They also have their own podcast now too

under 13’s Dunkley was rated number 2 in victoria. played in national champs and got smashed by other states.
On and off with Adds and Dunks

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I’d have happily welcomed him if we got that trade done. Now I’m thankful it fell through and we drafted the boys that we did. Also means our cap will be in a far healthier state to chase a Free Agent or a specific player we target as key to our future (B.King).



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We don’t need him now but worth remembering that Dunkley and The Bont were super tight last time

Is watching someone eat junk food, because you can’t eat it a thing.
apparently can reduce your cravings. _dunks or trelaor was into it lol.

It is no exaggeration to say that mukbang, a portmanteau of the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast,” has dominated media in Korea over the past several years. Millions of people tune in everyday to watch people challenge themselves to consume large amounts of appetizing food, saying they get vicarious satisfaction out of it.

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The fad has even become global. Popular mukbang content are also frequently seen by foreign viewers. Around 20 percent of Banzz’s videos are seen from abroad, including Vietnam. Other popular mukbang stars like Ddeonggaeddeong and Fran regularly receive requests from foreign viewers to introduce specific foods from Korea during their live broadcasts.

for @scotty21

Worth noting they could both play at different clubs and remain best mates.

But I’m really happy to see Treloar happy. Collingwood’s treatment to get rid of him was nothing short of a disgrace.


I think Dunkley will still be gettable:

  • Essendon showed a willingness to step up his salary…in my memory it could have been as much as $200k/annum, but I’m guessing a lot…
  • WB blocked it, and they’ve just held him on his old salary level for 2 years. They haven’t even re-negotiated his salary a bit higher, in return for a longer commitment…
  • I reckon, that going to work each day, for 2 years, knowing your employer cost you that much money, would cut a bit…
  • Meanwhile, Treloar, his best buddy, better be picking up every coffee tab, and probably keeps slipping by saying “Isn’t it great how the Pies made me a multi-millionaire. I didn’t even have to play, just spent most my time in rehab. Oh…sorry Dunks…”

I don’t actually want Dunkley. Never did…I think the cost will be too great…but I still think he might be gettable, and that Dodoro might have a go.

Why would we bother now though?

At the time it was get both Dunkley & Caldwell

We only got Caldwell, then Parish stepped up and we’ve also acquired Hobbs

IMO if we are going to be trading first rounders now it’ll be for a gun kpf


dunkley is the last player we need now


Parish is 10x the player Dunkley is. Forget about him.

I think Hawkins was a FA at the end of 2020, and I think I was in favour of trying to get him and/or 2MP at the time.

Makes you wonder.
Well, okay. It makes me wonder.



If we got hawkins, he would have done a calf and retired at the end of his contract…he wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

Whereas if cats picked up Hurley he would have injuries fixed and play at top level for another 3-4 years.

I guess I’m wondering more what a genuine 60 goal key forward would have done to a side that also had weapons like Stringer, Jones and Tippa.

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