Season 2022 - Western Bulldogs

Western bulldogs should merge with north. Two tiny clubs, similar area and supporters, similar colours and the two smallest supporter bases. Looking at the numbers they would only be equal to a Carlton size if they did merge, then you could bring in Tassie as team 18.


No, because good fkn luck defending a forwardline of Naughton, Zurharr and Larkey. They’d still struggle for KPD depth, but that midfield and forward line would blow teams off the park.

Yep no need for Dunkley with Hobbs our midfield is complete now imo.

Nino has high standards for the quality and consistency of his whinging

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Me wanting the the club to do well and succed is not whinging.

You’re the king nino. Own it!

We should all be whinging after the past 20 years! We’ve been rubbish, and need to get back to being premiership winners and contenders again year on year

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Remember what Llyod said when he started?

Playing in prelims and grand finals only good for Essendon

It’s all about the delivery Nino

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They used the practice match to fine-tune their skills.

Leading with the head…

Dropping at the knees…


I have to say it’s the Throws that are getting to me.

I’ve never had the animosity towards them that some on here have, but their “fast hands”, AKA just tossing the ball, is really becoming more and more blatant.
When even “unsighted” umpires can’t work out that a handball with one arm visibly pinned is impossible, or that a legitimate handball can’t possibly make the ball move backwards, it’s a farking blot on the game


Great initiative to get the kids back to footy in the west. Are any other teams doing similar?

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Treloar will be heartbroken.

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Oh that’s a damn shame


Ie victim wants apology

I like the sound of this but that’s the bigger clubs money they are using sent to them from the AFL to pay those fees, so easy to be generous when it’s not money they have earnt themselves :sweat_smile:

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I would imagine the majority of it, if not all, would be provided by their sponsors. But, who knows.

Holy cow, this is terrible. The footage is deeply disturbing, so be aware before watching it.

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