Season 2023 - Collington

that’s the price of fame alex regardless of what game your in.They get loads of training on being role models etc and whilst I feel sorry they have to live in a cocoon ,they also get the dough to act like responsible citizens. Out of 450 odd footballers there are only three or four that flout the law (and get caught),and generally they are not rocket scientists .

Earns big dollars, has been given opportunities afforded to a select few and has had been fortunate enough to have been given enough drug education to know better. An entitled twat.


So then I guess whats the issue, flouting the law or getting caught?

The issue is being caught.
The issue is also thinking you can get away with it in the era of social media.
What I was alluding to were the numbers that get caught but it’s likely there are others that don’t.
If the penalties were harder then it just might lead to some players not partaking

The Issue is break the law face the punishment

Sure, leave it up to the police to decide whether they want to do anything about a 20 year old doing a line in the toilets

is that what happened

You can find that out on your own

Nah better things to do

i’m more for the AFL to determine the penalties not clubs , and I think they need to be a lot harsher.
The cops can only act in terms of legalities and the penalties that apply but the AFL can set its own standards

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If I can choose between our players being a bunch of arrogant Coke heads, who make preliminary & Grand finals with a young promising list……

And what we have right now.

I’d choose the Coke heads.

Collingwood has gone down the road of picking mouthy & argent c*nts first, and well behaved, respectful citizens last.

It’s working for them.


Provided it doesn’t turn them into dickh**ds, I don’t give a rats ■■■■ if people, including ‘role models’, do coke.

This won’t help his cause with the umpires getting free kicks.

Unless that is who he was splitting the baggie with?

Filming him is a dog act


I for one am outraged.

I mean, who does drugs in this day and age??

Days since a Collingwood player got caught using drugs: 0


Remember the off season hair testing saga in 2016? A large number of Collingwood players had illicit substance detections. It was reported that 11 players did not have positive tests, there are over 40 on am AFL list.

The tests were a massive embarrassment to the AFL, AFLPA and Collingwood.

Since then, the whole issue disappeared like a nuclear sub, which can carry on operations underwater for very long periods of time.

So why is it even a surprise that a smug, up himself Collingwood player gets caught carrying on the Collingwood tradition.

Maybe the AFLstopped off season testing for illicit substances?
The certainly cannot stop testing for PEDs, because they cannot control that.


Poor kid must be destitute. They suspended his 5k fine ROFL.