Season 2023 - Fark Carlton


Coach: Michael Voss

2022 –

Points For – 8th
Points Against – 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Patrick Cripps
2 – Sam Docherty
3 – Sam Walsh
4 – Charlie Curnow
5 – George Hewett

2022 Rising Star Noms

Corey Durdin (Round 9)

Ins – Blake Acres, Oliver Hollands, Lachlan Cowan, Jaxon Binns, Harry Lemmey

Outs – Jack Newnes, Liam Stocker, Will Setterfield, Tom Williamson, Will Hayes, Luke Parks, Oscar McDonald

My Prediction

In a season where nothing much went right for Bomber’s fans, the tantrums of Carlton supporters as their team again promised much and delivered nothing gave us at least a little joy. There weren’t many surprises from Carlton last year, they got a good run from their good players and still weren’t really good enough.

The backline performed well last year. Weitering runs a very good backline, supported this year by Marchbank and probably McGovern (unless he has some sort of KFC related injury). They looked good last year, Saad played disappointingly well although question marks still exist around his decision making. Docherty was very good off half back, he is very important to them.

The midfield adds Acres which feels like a shrewd addition even if a little boring. I guess Hewett worked last year so why not add another workmanlike vanilla midfielder to the mix. It doesn’t really matter what else happens as long as Cripps and Walsh stay fit, they will be competitive. I thought Cerra was good in patches last year but they will be wanting more from him this year. He hasn’t come cheap.

The forward line underperformed last year. They lack pressure. Curnow and McKay are as good a one-two punch as anyone in the AFL. De Koning will play forward/ruck and looked good last year. They will he hoping for more from him in his final year at Carlton. Fisher, Motlop and maybe Silvagni or Martin round out the forward line. They need more pressure this year.

I don’t care what anyone says, Pittonet is a spud, they performed better with him in the team, he forms a reasonable combination with De Koning but he just bores me. Speaking of boring, their coach is not one for finesse or tricky game plans. He does however seem to have the team playing in the right direction.

Carlton is a difficult list to read. A good run with injuries and they can get pretty deep in the eight. A poor run with injuries and they could miss the eight by a reasonable distance. They have good top end talent but their middle tier is thin. I think on the law of probabilities, they scrape into the eight this year. 7th or 8th for mine.


Top 4

But I hope they die

P.S. Fark Carlton.


“We’re the team that never lets you down” is the biggest lie I have ever heard in a football song.

See them maybe sneaking into a final but completly ballsing it up.

Fark Carlton.


I genuinely fear about their ability to maintain their BEST for longer in games.
They won games against bonafide good sides on the back of 30-40 minutes of good football, even when they ballzed up the remainder.

They opened up a Pies team that not even the best sides could put away, to the tune of 8 goals to 1 in a qtr of powerhouse football.

Perhaps they lose 1 of Cripps, Curnow, Walsh or Weitering for an extended period, or a couple from a tier down (McKay, Saad, Cerra, Kennedy), and our collective fears dissolve.

It would not surprise if they are the team that surges into the Top 3, particularly if those big guns remain healthy.

Fark Carlton

That is all


I just can’t be objective about their prospects, for 2023 or otherwise.
16th - 18th.


Acres for Newnes makes them a better team.
I just hope this year is their peak.

Edit: and I’m glad they didn’t go harder at the trade table. They might have been contenders.



A new coach improves any club by 20% in the first season.

Carlton will see a 20% decline in performance. Which will have them finishing 9th-13th.

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I hate them.


The only side to miss finals with two Coleman medalists and one Brownlow medalist. lol.

Their best 22 is pretty good though, they should be a top six side now.

PS. Fark Carlton!


5th, sadly. They gave up so many games last year that were theirs for the taking, I can’t see them doing it again. They’ll probably be more hungry as as a result, too. Most importantly, I can’t see us beating them… again.

Fark them. Spoon worthy.

Luke Darcy say that again - Imgflip


I don’t have anything nice to say about that club or it’s supporters!


Fox Footy best 22

B: Caleb Marchbank, Jacob Weitering, Lewis Young

HB: Adam Saad, Mitch McGovern, Sam Docherty

C: Blake Acres, Patrick Cripps, Adam Cerra

HF: Jack Martin, Charlie Curnow, Jack Silvagni

F: Zac Fisher, Harry McKay, Jesse Motlop

FOLL: Marc Pittonet, Sam Walsh, George Hewett

I/C: Tom De Koning, Matt Kennedy, Nic Newman, Zac Williams

Blues 4-9th for mine.

Fark Carlton

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I hope this club dies in a gutter.


Why do you hate gutters so much?!?


Looking at that 22 they have certainly drafted and Traded better than us in recent years.