Season 2023 - Fremantle


Coach – Justin Longmuir

2022 –

Points For – 12th
Points Against – 2nd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Andrew Brayshaw
2 – Brennan Cox
3 – Caleb Serong
4 – Alex Pearce
5 – Lachie Schultz

2022 Rising Star Noms

Heather Chapman (Round 8)
Brandon Walker (Round 13)
Nathan O’Driscoll (Round 23)

Ins – Josh Corbett, Luke Jackson, Jaeger O’Meara, Hugh Davies, Tom Emmett, Max Knobel, Corey Wagner, Liam Reidy, Joshua Draper, Conrad Williams

Outs – David Mundy, Connor Blakely, Joel Western, Blake Acres, Griffin Logue, Darcy Tucker, Rory Lobb, Lloyd Meek, Mitch Crowden

My Prediction

Freo shot up further than I thought they would last year. They play a very good defensive game plan. They probably have the best defensive structures in the AFL and the team know how to restrict it’s opposition. They also have a dysfunctional forward line that rarely works. They have lost a bit of depth this year although a couple of good additions, they will be an interesting one to watch.

The backline just gets the job done every week. Cox and Pearce form the spine and despite not being adventurous, they are reliable. Chapman was a very good find last year as was Young the year before. They have Ryan and Clark getting the ball moving. It was a good enough back six that Logue couldn’t get a game despite looking like a pretty good player. An injury or two would test their depth.

The midfield is full of solid citizens. Brayshaw was outstanding last year and Brodie was probably the recruit of the year considering they were essentially paid to take him. Serong was probably down a little bit last year but is a very good player, you then throw in O’Driscoll and Aish who were both good last year and it looks pretty well rounded. I am not sure where O’Meara fits in but I think he certainly gives them greater depth.

It looks like Luke Jackson will come in and play forward/relieving ruck. Lobb did that very well last year and I am not convinced that Jackson can do it as well as Lobb did. Taberner has flirted with being a quality key forward over the past couple of seasons but hasn’t really cemented it. Fyfe getting his body right would certainly make them a more dangerous forward line (if he learns to kick straight) but realistically they are relying on their smalls. Walters, Frederick, Schultz and Switkowski are a very good group of small forwards. The wild card will be the development of Jye Amiss, could make a big difference but I think he is still a season or two away.

The rucks are very good. Darcy is an excellent first ruck even if a little injury prone and they have Jackson as backup. Both are young and talented. They will get plenty form them. The coach clearly has the players pulling in the right direction. He has the team playing disciplined football and is priming them for a challenge over the next couple of years.

I think they maybe finished a little higher than expected last season and it will be interesting to see if they can consolidate and push up higher. For mine again the list isn’t a top four list yet and I don’t see the absolute talent to push higher so I expect them to hold ground this year. 5-6 for mine.


Not worth wasting the energy to give a crap about.

top 4.

their kids are very, very good

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From the benefit of the couch it looks like they have had a net loss of talent, more looks to have walked out the door, than has walked in. The coach will counter this loss by having had an extra year to develop the youngsters on the list and bed down the game plan. Their home ground advantage will be enhanced a little as a result, but overall any improvement will be incremental, rather than radical. Bottom rungs of the final 8 is where they will finish.

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I like Freo. I hope they have a good year.

Losing Mundy is going to hurt though. The bloke didn’t retire in 2022, he graduated from the AFL in 2022.


Fox Footy best 22

B: Luke Ryan, Alex Pearce, Heath Chapman
HB: Jordan Clark, Brennan Cox, Hayden Young
C: James Aish, Jaeger O’Meara, Nathan O’Driscoll
HF: Nat Fyfe, Luke Jackson, Sam Switkowski
F: Michael Walters, Matt Taberner, Lachie Schultz
Foll: Sean Darcy, Andrew Brayshaw, Caleb Serong
I/C: Will Brodie, Brandon Walker, Michael Frederick, Jye Amiss

Emerg: Neil Erasmus, Josh Corbett, Bailey Banfield, Matt Johnson

Have some exciting young talent in Erasmus, & Johnson outside of the 22

Luke Jackson in, a bit of pressure on him given the cost, but handy addition as a ruck and forward and for balance, essentially replaces Lobb.
O’Meara in will add to midfield depth, when hes not injured.

overall I expect them to slip back a little with a tougher draw this year. say 5th - 10th.

#7 just stepped down as captain


Fremantle Dockers veteran Nat Fyfe discusses his interconnected battles with depression, anxiety, injuries and weight loss

A candid Nat Fyfe has revealed how years of physical and mental health issues left him with “no juice and motivation”, writes MARK DUFFIELD.

Mark DuffieldMark Duffield



4 min read

February 11, 2023 - 3:40PM

Nat Fyfe reveals battles with anxiety and depression. Picture: Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images

Nat Fyfe reveals battles with anxiety and depression. Picture: Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images

Nat Fyfe has revealed his extended run with injuries led to anxiety, depression and “the most profound experience of my adult life”.

Fyfe, who stood down from the Fremantle captaincy earlier this week, said he is continuing to work on his mental health and credited a trip to California last year with helping turn the corner.

“It was probably the most profound experience of my adult life,” Fyfe told Summer ABC Grandstand. “What was happening on the outside with injuries was just a small reflection of what was going on on the inside in terms of I had a fair bit to deal with.

“I had a good look at some of the ailments which we all face as humans in life in terms of anxiety and depression and a bunch of those internal emotional things that then came out as injuries. I had the shoulder that failed, then I got an infection, then I did my back, then I did multiple hamstrings.

“Internally, I was cooked and I was just fighting my way through it and I just kept breaking down. That space was the most profound teaching environment. If you can go through that and find resilience out of it and come out the other side, I feel like that is the juice I now need for the back end of my career.

Nat Fyfe has opened up on how his injury battles affected him. Picture: Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images

Nat Fyfe has opened up on how his injury battles affected him. Picture: Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images

"Past accolades were getting stale. There are only so many times that you can parrot that you are a two time Brownlow Medallist from years ago. They were starting to get stale and I had no juice and motivation out of them.

“A good hard look at rock bottom has fired me back up again.”

Fyfe, 31, played just seven games last season and has averaged less than 14 games-per-year over his last seven campaigns with Fremantle.

He said he suffered substantial weight loss at his nadir last year and is still coming to terms with his injury-related body transformation.

“I was a 95 kilogram midfielder and in 2021 when I was playing with a crook shoulder I started to lose the weight,” he said. “And by the time I had the second operation and the infection I was down to about 86 or 87 kilograms – the best part of 10 kilograms is what I lost.

‘I could just see all of the bones in my skeleton. I shaved my head because I couldn’t reach up and tie my hair up any more. It was pretty grim.

“I still, when I look in the mirror to see the old me, I can’t quite relate to this new person. And when I was in that position I still had a fair way to go in terms of trying to figure things out and get that internal energy system going again. It was tough.”

Regarded as one of the league’s premier midfielders over his 209 senior games, Fyfe is now attempting a late-career move forward.

He said the move was proving as mentally challenging as it was technical and physical.

“Father time is undefeated,” he said. “[My body] started to not be able to handle those loads anymore so I had to figure out a way and I am figuring out a way to evolve.

Fyfe is now preparing for a new battle up forward. Picture: Mark Metcalfe/AFL Photos/via Getty Images

Fyfe is now preparing for a new battle up forward. Picture: Mark Metcalfe/AFL Photos/via Getty Images

“It was working out how to connect with your training at the time when you can’t get the absolute most out of it and let go of the guilt that comes with not being able to train. I am on a journey with that.”

He continued: “Kicking and screaming the universe has dragged me into that next phase where I am now a forward. I was stuck for a while there still trying to be what I was. We all cling to our past at times.

“I now feel like I am open that I have got that beginner mindset again. I am ready to learn of anyone and everyone that can teach me something. Jye Amiss is teaching me something about goal kicking at the moment – a second-year player.

“Cerebral is the right word. Overthink is another way of putting it. It is a great strength when I get it all lined up but it can tear me apart when it doesn’t quite work. It is kind of what happened with my goal kicking.”

Fyfe said the work he was undertaking on his goal kicking and mentality were intertwined.

“I am working with a couple of people more around connecting with that inner voice fear, the stress, and getting a good handle on how you can put yourself in the optimal mindset and position where you can take the shot,” he said.

“There are a couple of spooky things I am doing at the moment in the quantum field which hopefully in another 12 months we can come back to as well. Once I see the uptick then off it goes like a freight train. I am just starting to see it starting to come to life.”

Fyfe revealed Covid-19 restrictions, combined with his mental and physical challenges, resulted in him feeling like “a caged rat for three years”.

He left Australia for a solo surfing trip and, after a conversation with Travis Boak, headed to Santa Cruz, California to work with a trainer, where he was later joined by Andrew Brayshaw.

“What we get prescribed at clubland is quite a general palate to get you through an AFL season,” Fyfe said. “Working one-on-one with someone every day for two weeks to look at how you move and how to move more efficiently was epic.”

Fyfe said he is comfortable with how the captaincy transition is playing out at Fremantle.

“If they are handled poorly it can signal disruption,” he said. “If they are handled well I think you can get momentum. We wanted to make sure that this worked for the club, this worked for me and we had strong alignment.

“The willingness to continually learn and not be afraid to make mistakes and fail: that is the big thing about leadership. To embody and live it and learn from experience is the biggest element that I have found.

“That growth, particularly when you are the captain of a footy club, comes under a lot of scrutiny. If you don’t have that inner drive to walk your own path and develop as you go it can get quite overwhelming. I will be here to support whoever our next captain is and I hope that is what they find in their journey.”


He really is a fascinating character in our game, Nat Fyfe (aka #7). He isn’t your average intellect for a footballer. A very deep thinker and always comes across as very considered and intelligent.

I like him. Hoping he finally gets over his injuries this year and has a bit of a renaissance at the back end of his career.

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No.7 is an absolutely woeful kick for goal, which wont help them much him playing as a forward.

Reckon he will retire at seasons end.

Their downfall this year is so so similar to ours in 2022.

Young list coming off unexpected finals berth, big expectations to take next step, inexperienced coach trying to go too defensive.

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I reckon they’re lucky to be playing the Suns this weekend because they look finished.

Maybe they just need a circuit breaker win to turn it around but not sure how sustainable it will prove to be.

They just look thin across the ground. Too few needing to do too much

Playing a very conservative, safety first, self preservation approach devoid of any risk, instinct or creativity. Yep! We’ve all seen that before.

You know what they need

They need to play us at Marvel in a Sunday twilight fixture. They will instantly be back in form :rage:

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Taberner with 12 marks and 7.0

Only to go missing for the following six games.

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They’re no certainties at all to beat the suns

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Moderate grade hamstring strain for Darcy.

No idea on the timeline for that.

A moderate period of time.

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2 more years for Walters is crazy stuff. He has looked cooked for the last 2 years and I really thought 1 more year was even a stretch