Season 2023 - Geelong


Coach – Chris Scott

2022 –

Points For – 3rd

Points Against – 3rd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

=1 – Jeremy Cameron

=1 – Cameron Guthrie

3 – Mark Blicavs

4 – Tom Hawkins

5 – Tyson Stengle

2022 Rising Star Noms

Sam De Koning – (round 11)

Ins – Tanner Bruhn, Jack Bowes, Ollie Henry, Jhye Clark, Phoenix Foster, Oscar Murdoch, Osca Riccardi, Ted Clohesy

Outs – Shaun Higgins, Quinton Narkle, Francis Evans, Nick Stevens, Paul Tsapatolis, Zane Williams, Luke Dahlhaus, Cooper Stephens, Joel Selwood

My Prediction

Geelong wasn’t my worst ever prediction last year. I had them as likely top eight. I certainly didn’t have them as the clear top team and did not expect them to win the premiership. They looked old and slow. Turns out that I was half right. They were old. They changed their game plan and became much more attacking, from about half way through the season it became apparent they were the best team in the competition.

The backline is stacked. Finding De Koning last year was a serious boost to a team that hasn’t brought in a lot of young talent. He teamed really well with Stewart. Kolojashnij is probably a weak link but they have steady hands everywhere else. Tuohy and Bews worked well last year and they will look to see Jack Henry develop further.

The midfield still looks even paced and lacking real excitement but they were rarely beaten last season. Dangerfield will still spend time in the midfield but likely even more up forward. Duncan and Holmes are guns and Cam Guthrie despite sharing a BnF in a premiership year probably still doesn’t get his dues. Blicavs was very good on the wing and I suspect they will be looking for more from Parfitt this year to give them greater run.

The forward line is super dangerous and very hard to match up on. Tom Hawkins seemingly just gets better. He is so hard to stop in a time when there aren’t many big backs running around. Cameron was very good last year despite having some injury concerns. The big win last season though was Stengle and to a lesser but still substantial effect, Close. They became so much more dangerous. For old times sake, Rohan still looked good during the season only to fail during the finals.

The rucks are iffy but they always have been. Stanley was ok last year and that is enough for them. Blicavs can give him a chop out when needed. The coach has ensured his legacy now. There was always question marks over his first premiership but by winning last year he erases those doubts. His coaching record looks very good now.

I still look at their list and am not convinced they are the absolute best team in the competition. They were well coached last year after poor adjustments to rule changes in previous years. The pace of their ball movement was much quicker and they looked much better. They certainly look like a contender again and you would think they will finish top four.


will easily win it again. imagine having hawkins snd Cameron as your key forwards

Fark these kents

Edit: Fark their fans even more

Rohan failing in the finals last season is a harsh call. He was enormous in the qualifying final.

The other two he was far less prominent. But he stood up in the only final which Geelong didn’t have sealed up at half-time.

But yeah, top 4 again, if not premiers again. They are so well set-up defensively and everything they do is built around that.


No one will get near them again. There’s to lose

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Not even that.

Winning a flag and still getting stronger.

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It’s really sad when you realise we are about 15 years away from them.


Definitely will be up there again. Defending a title in any sport is a massive challenge and a lot has to go right. Most people had the Dees home and hosed after they started the season 10-0 as reigning premiers and they got bundled out in the semis. Will be the team to beat again but it’s not laydown misere.


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Given up any hope of them ever falling off. Simply too good and too well run. They look even stronger with some of the players who’ve come in which is absolutely terrifying.

Their forwardline would be about the best in the league.

Cameron is in his peak and Hawkins is still powerful and dangerous. Throw in Stengle who booted 50+ goals last year and Rohan who continues to be a hard matchup despite some finals troubles. The best thing about Rohan is they don’t need him to be gooid every game, just every second or third game, which he does. It’s a very good 4 punch combo. Then you have Henry from Collingwood who looks the goods and pretty surprised Collingwood let him go, he will be a very good third forward like Gunston. Close starteed performing in the half/forward role with Miers floating in there too providing competition for spots. Dangerfield you’d expect would spend plenty of time up there too and is always an aerial threat. It’s the best in the league.

Midfield is not the best in the competition but they get the job done and give the forwards more than they need. Guthrie, Duncan, Dangerfield & Smith are still quality and Blivcas will swap between the defence and wings as needed. Holmes could be the big improver and will be needed for that pace injection, whilst Atkins is tough as nails when in there. The next rung in Parfitt, Bruhn, Knevitt and perhaps Bowes will all be given midfield time whilst Menegola would be playing in most other teams in the comp I reckon. It’s strong.

Defence has De Koning starring and Stewart as the one-two star combo, with Henry, Touhy and now the cheap as chips Bowes. Bews, Kolodjashnij and the improving Z Guthrie continue to be as reliable and underrated as ever. They all do the job and all have perfect structure. If things get hairy they just throw Blivcas down there.

Overall I think they finish 2nd.

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Fox Footy Best 22

B: Jake Kolodjashnij, Jack Henry, Sam De Koning

HB: Zach Tuohy, Tom Stewart, Jed Bews

C: Mitch Duncan, Patrick Dangerfield, Max Holmes

HF: Isaac Smith, Jeremy Cameron, Brad Close

F: Tyson Stengle, Tom Hawkins, Gary Rohan

FOLL: Rhys Stanley, Cam Guthrie, Mark Blicavs

I/C: Zach Guthrie, Tom Atkins, Mark O’Connor, Brandon Parfitt

Looks like the Grand final side Bar Selwood.

Tanner Bruhn, Jack Bowes & Jhye Clark should be close to earning a berth through the year,
Almost forgot Rohan still on the list, maybe they have earmarked Oli Henry to take his spot.

Cats have to be there abouts again
prediction 1-4 yuck

Would Jack bowes have earned a spot in our round 1 best 22? Maybe maybe not, better chance than cats though.

Give me Geelong winning over Carlton/Collingwood any day.


They have quality and skill on every line, their team strength is very even. They are consistent in their performances, due to having a game plan that has been drilled into them over many years by their coach. As a result they have confidence in each others’ ability to get a job done, once one has been assigned. They are top 4 certainties, top 2 probably. Even lesser lights like Close have fitted in beautifully and become dangerous. They are able to absorb pressure like no other team l have seen, they thrive on being under the pump, and are like Ali with his rope a dope tactic. They just take the best blows of their opponents, and then come charging back to demoralize. They are brilliant at hanging in during games when other teams are pressing hard, and they are confident that they can take the best shots and then over run them when the other team tires from the exertion.

All were first round picks. They got four first rounders in their premiership year for practically nothing, ■■■■■■■ hell



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Thats nice but there are no gurantees that those players can replace the senior core who are at the end.

Geelong have been blessed with the likes of Bartel,Selwood,Hawkins,Steve Johnson etc come through when Scarlett,Mooney etc retired the next wave wont come even close

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Dangerfield, Ablett, now they have Cameron, Duncan, Stewart, Guthrie, they will be replaced by Holmes, DeKoning, Bruhn, Henry etc etc. There is a trend here that has been apparent for a long time.

They will get FAs, trade some in and draft well. They are going to be very good for a very long time. I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for them to fall, cos it won’t be happening.


They have to eventually not even Brisbane were able to keep it going after the 3 peat who are regarded as one of the greatest teams of all time

Going to be very hard to replace 1000’s of games of experience who have won multiple premeirships