Season 2023 - Geelong

They have been a good to exceptional team for about 18 years, I wouldn’t be betting against them considering how they have continually adjusted and improved their list.

Another ten years at least I reckon.

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nah cant see it happening i feel like they went all in to win one last flag last year

Maybe not but it is still unbelievable that they were able to do what they did - a free hit on the pick 7 - if we had that pick, we’d have got either Ginbey or Pou with Tastes.

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Tuohy played more games with Cats than Blues now.

Retirements in 2023 - maybe Menegola - wont get a look in.
Likely Issac Smith
Likely Rohan

Everyone else keeps going.
Think if Tommahawk goes, so does Danger. They would be hoping for another 1 year deal though. Tommahawk playing better footy than Buddy.

Comparison to Dons

Heppell last legs, Phillips probably retire

They have defied gravity for almost a decade and are more than likely going to continue doing so.

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And we’ve got… Sam Weideman

And both have a year left tops. Hawkins most likely be his last season

The forward line is rooted once they retire

I reckon Cameron will go on for a few more, and they will pluck another key forward from somewhere and it’s like nothing changed

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The player they get wont be as a good Hawkins good forwards a tough to find

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Probably not, but they will change and evolve like always and you will continue to wonder when they will fall off a cliff having watched them rebuild yet again.

They won a GF (by 100 points) with Mooney and Nathan Ablett as key forwards, then one with Hawkins and Jpod, doesn’t always have to be like for like replacement.

Geelong have been kissed on the ■■■■ the last 15 plus years in terms of staying at the top thier turn at the bottom will come

When it’s 18 years, it isn’t luck.


Stll think the cliff will come

They’ll 100% get Cadman to replace Hawkins

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Is Cadman a Geelong boy?

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It must be an easy sell to recruitment targets: “play for us, odds are you’ll win a flag during your career”

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Dont forget “we will give you a nice house in Torquay” and make your girlfriend/wife a manager of Cotton On

So…what round do Tomahawk and Jezza have their way with us again ?
Not forgetting, making Brandon Parfitt look like Lachie Neale Brownlow year.

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Round 7

I wouldnt have an issue with some like Redman burying one of Hawkins or Jezza into the fence