Season 2023 - Geelong

Dangerfield on 7 news saying he’s aiming for a return next week.

I said that last year and no one believed me.

Well considering they won the flag last year, they were probably right haha


Get ■■■■■■ bomberblitz

Such a weird position for Rohan to run to. Too late to mark, too close to crumb.


Broken jaw ?

Looks more cheek bone to me

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That comment is a prime piece of rubbish.


Henry flies from about 4 deep in a contest to mark on his chest. Kicking from 45, goal. Scores tied on 47.


Z Guthrie in a rare foray forward, gathers and kicks with the outside of his boot, sweet contact made, goal. Cats lead by 6.

Wrong thread.

Wrong thread Cap’n

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Who knows. But the time they took taking him off, and the reluctance to show footage. Maybe he had some bones through the skin

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Fark I hope Nik Cox comes good cause Tanner Bruhn looks the goods

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Tell me what was going through Rohans mind when he came in from the side, trying to influence a one on one, where the Melbourne player was behind Cameron , then Rohan chose to cut in front of Cameron , a massive error of judgement, or reckless behaviour in approaching the contest?

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CONDUCT: Intentional
IMPACT: Severe

SANCTION: Straight to Tribunal 4+ weeks

Yep. Really poor judgement. Rohan had no need to go for that ball, Cameron was in the best position to mark. He would have been better value bumping the Dees player, but even that wasn’t a necessary action. Going for that ball was just really dumb football.