Season 2023 - Geelong

I was told that in his draft interviews geelong asked him how he’d like his football career to be remembered. His answer:

  • ‘I want to be remembered for being a ruthless ■■■■’

And we took Gumby :cry:


Selwood walked into a Premiership team.
Bomber Instilled that before Selwood got there.
But Maybe Selwood added on to it.

Gumby was going to be the next Nick Reiwoldt.

mind you we could have picked Jack Reiwoldt, who got closer to being the next Nick Reiwoldt.

AFL Stiffed us should have got 2 picks in that draft and Had Selwood too.

And Selwood would be remembered as a bloke who made two AA teams, never won a final, had to continually fight injuries, had to endure the saga. and body was cooked by 30-31

Meanwhile whoever cats got say Hansen or Gumby or Luenerberger turns into a generational player and wins multiple flags at Geelong.

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You’re not wrong but how frustrating that every draft all we seem to target are “future captains”

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We would have played him at HF for 5 years and he would have requested a trade to Geelong anyway

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That’s not entirely true.
They were a failure before he got there (in a fan sense).
The team looked promising, in the years leading up to that year, but couldn’t quite put it together.
As soon as Selwood got there, it was his leadership that stood out (not in interviews but in actions). He’d tell Ablett and other stars where they needed to be on the ground. In the old days, such an act would be frowned upon by 1980s & 90s leadership styles.
But he was right more often than not.
He led by actions.

He pretty much increased the standards by his actions. Both on the training ground and on game day.

There aren’t too many like him either. I’d say just a few handful in the league over his time had that mindset.

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It was reported he gave the other players a serious bake after their poor start in 2007.


Gee wiz, would have been nice to face the Cats without Holmes & Danger monstering us in the middle.

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Cats debuting Oisin Mullin. I remember reading an article a month or so back where Zac Touhy described him as the Nick Daicos of Gaelic Football. Basically the best young player that they’ve got.

Warms your heart to see the Cats get another free kick. They needed another leg up after a bonus post-flag top 10 pick.

That aside, it’ll be interesting to see how he goes.


Pronounced somewhere between “ocean” and “oh-sheen” for when the commentators inevitably butcher it.

Who was that guy in Hot Shots? You know, his father was in West Wing, and he had a sitcom where he essentially played himself.

Yeah, that’s the one.

Port twice, Bulldogs twice, Brisbane away, Collingwood and the Dees all to come. Sydney at the SCG will be no pushover and an improving Freo, even at Kardinia Park, is tricky.

This mob are in a bit of strife. Every chance to miss the eight. Good.


Enjoy it while it lasts

They’ll miss the 8.
Bulldogs will handle them tonight, and Port (away) after the Bye is a fkn tough assignment, even with players back.

Its not happening for them.

cats are finished.

we play them again are we a chance to knock them off?

At this point, yes. We can drive down the highway and get the four points - if we want them.

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Cooked FC

They are done