Season 2023 - Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Coach – Stuart Dew

2022 –
Points For – 9th
Points Against – 12th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Touk Miller
  2. Noah Anderson
  3. David Swallow
  4. Jarrod Witts
  5. Sam Collins

2022 Rising Star Noms

Joel Jeffrey (Round 10)
Elijah Hollands (Round 21)

Ins – Ben Long, Thomas Berry, Bailey Humphrey, Connor Blakely, Jake Stein, Lloyd Johnston, Jason Gilbee

Outs – Matt Conroy, Jez McLennan, Patrick Murtagh, Rhys Nicholls, Josh Corbett, Izak Rankine, Jack Bowes, Oleg Markov, Rory Thompson

My Prediction

What an absolute shipwreck of a club. Never achieved anything and still leaking quality players they would prefer to keep. They have a game plan that looks like they photocopied off of someone better than them and they look unable to execute. I know they are young, but they are always young because the only players that will agree to go there are players not really wanted elsewhere.

The backline is average at best. Sam Collins is a gun, taken his second chance and run with it. Ben Long who wasn’t guaranteed a game at another mediocre club will come straight into the team here. I think Ballard probably takes a spot on the HB line and then throw a net over a few vanilla plodders to fill the rest of the backline spots.

The midfield is solid. They have real quality in Rowell and Anderson who have grown up together and just need a solid run with injuries. Miller has turned himself into one of the best mids in the game, Hollands finally got the body right and looked good. Ellis and Swallow round out a pretty good midfield. They still lack depth here as well.

The forward line may actually be fun to watch this year. King will be back, Chol looked like he knew how to footy lack year. Small forwards in Rosas and Ainsworth will give effort and Jeffrey looked like something different last year. They certainly could use a player like Rankine who they had until they were so bad that he went to the Crows which are one of the few teams which look even less inspiring.

The rucks are good. Witts has hung around after not being wanted by the Pies and has improved every year. He is probably their most important player. Chol gives him a chop out when needed. The coach earned his new contract but you wouldn’t bet your life on him being there next year. He is almost the personification of the club he coaches, a little bloated, too many chances and uninspiring.

I don’t see them playing finals next year. They have been propped up year after year but the quality in their list just doesn’t go deep enough. They have some really good young players but they also have a whole bunch of filler holding the list together. Could easily drop to bottom four with a few injuries. Most likely they stay in the pack of teams that aren’t good enough to climb into the eight. They will finish in the 10-12 range.


This may be the only response you get in this thread, so I’d like to thank and commend you for your efforts.

I care about the Suns for two reasons. Firstly, because some years it gives me another opportunity to see the Bombers play in QLD. Secondly, as a feeder club where I wonder which players we can poach.


Fox Footy Best 22

B: Caleb Graham, Sam Collins, Sean Lemmens
HB: Wil Powell, Charlie Ballard, Ben Long
C: Brandon Ellis, Noah Anderson, Elijah Hollands
HF: Ben Ainsworth, Mabior Chol, David Swallow
F: Nick Holman, Ben King, Jack Lukosius
Foll: Jarrod Witts, Matt Rowell, Touk Miller
I/C: Jy Farrar, Alex Davies, Sam Flanders, Tom Berry
Emerg: Rory Atkins, Jeremy Sharp, Brayden Fiorini, Mal Rosas Jnr

Backline Average
Mids mostly young and inexperienced, Touk a gun but the other mids will be inconsistent, brilliant some weeks, poor others.
Forwardline looks a whole lot better with King but still average.

IF I was picking, would have added Rosas Jnr for Berry and fitted in Joel Jeffrey as well.

Finish - outside the 8, but not bottom 4 so say, 10th - 14th


I think this team will come along better than others expect.
Was looking half a chance for finals before every halfback they have did a knee


■■■■ off and die you piece of ■■■■ football club


Genuinely flattered by 10W 12L

Noah Anderson is good and will get better.

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Why do you say they were flattered by 10W 12L?

Percentage of 102. Beat Sydney, Richmond and Freo.

Close losses to Pies, Brisbane and Port


They will 100pc make the finals this year


I have nothing against the club but they are so uninspiring. That backline is absolute porridge except for Collins.

Seems to be a bit of a glue factory where old horses go to die amongst the maturing ponies who await being poached by better trainers and taken to the big time.

Can they fark off the trumpet after each goal

  • Caleb Graham is the worst footballer in the comp getting regular senior games.
  • Jack Lukousoius is the softest most overrated player in the AFL, he is basically jack watts in a suns jumper.

So yes the backline is atrocious, why they didn’t sign Liam Jones when the bloke was living on the gold coast already is beyond me.

The forward line is pretty good, look out for Jeffrey he could be a star.

The midfield is solid but needs to get better.

I agree they fit into that 8 to 12 category, if they don’t make finals again dew is the luckiest man alive, hasn’t he been there like 6 years now? Anyway I’d like to see them finally make it, grassroots footy on tree gold coast is going really well, they just need a proper football team to support up there.

Ballard is as good as, if not better than Collins. Different style of players obviously so hard to compare but when he went down injured in round 17 last year or whenever it was he was ranked 2nd in the league for intercept marks. He’s a very good player. Also Will Powell and Weller if they can get back to how they were pre injury are more than decent running defenders.


Norf twice & WCE twice = 4 big wins.

Swap our 2022 run with theirs, and nothing else, I think we’re probably 9 wins, and they’re 6 or 7.
Keeping in mind, of course, that we gave them a pretty handy touch up.

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Nothing club.

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That is a fair point. I can see your point but I think they’re only slightly flattered because they were mostly fairly competitive even outside of those games.
Weird that we touched them up. But I guess that’s pretty normal that a middle of the road side can be touched up occasionally by another (slightly less) middle of the road team

Dogshit club. Die already.

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Imagine if these ■■■■■ win a final before us, that would be the end of footy for me. Couldn’t live with it


GWS beat them too.

They’re obviously a lot better than NM/WCE.

I don’t think they’re really any better than Adelaide, Hawks, GWS, us.

6-9 win sides.


Bottom 6

I think they are going places. A midfield of Miller, Swallow, Anderson and Rowell is better than solid. King will be a great addition to a forward line that performed well last year. Most of their players have their best footy ahead of them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make the 8.

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