Season 2023 - Sydney


Coach – John Longmire

2022 –

Points For – 3rd
Points Against – 4th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Callum Mills
2 – Chad Warner
3 – James Rowbottom
4 – Luke Parker
5 – Isaac Heeney

2022 Rising Star Noms

Logan McDonald (Round 12)

Ins – Aaron Francis, Jacob Konstanty, Cooper Vickery, Caleb Mitchell, Cameron Owen, Jaiden Magor, Will Edwards, Angus McLennan

Outs – Josh Kennedy, Callum Sinclair, Colin O’Riordan, Lewis Taylor, Barry O’Connor, Sam Naismith, Ben Ronke, James Bell

My Prediction

It must be weird for Sydney supporters, I wonder what it feels like following a team that is entirely competent and rarely makes errors let alone catastrophic ones. Imagine starting a rebuild of your list and then finishing it. Then after you finish it, you are good enough to challenge for the finals. It must get boring.

The backline is solid, they added Paddy last year who was outstanding and the sort of player almost every team could use, a big back who can read the ball. They have the other McCartin and Blakey back there. Rampe is still useful although does seem to be dropping off. Llord and Fox give them run. I suspect Francis has been brought in with the possibility of taking Rampes spot down the track.

The midfield is stacked with young talent. It is enough to make you feel slightly sick. Gulden and Stephens were great last year. Chad Warner is just about ready to own the competition and then you have Mills,Florent, Rowbottom and Parker. They bat deep and have run and polish. They will take some stopping over the next couple of years.

The forward line may be a weakness depending on how the experienced bodies hold up. Franklin and Reid are still important to their structure, last year they were good but another year isn’t going to make them better. McDonald hasn’t come on the way he probably wanted them to so far but he is the answer. Then you have Heeney who is a superstar and smalls in Hayward and Papley. Its isn’t the strongest area of their list but it is still pretty good.

The rucks are a little skinny and I think they are still remembering that good year than Hickey had when he first came across. They would love him to find that form but the strength of their midfield means they probably don’t really need it. The coach knows how to get the best out of his team, he has refreshed the list and clearly has them playing well. The game plan has changed to match his list and they look much more attacking.

I don’t think Sydney were the second best team last year but come finals time, they peaked at the right time of the year before they found themselves on the wrong side of a rampaging Geelong. It has hard to see where they drop off from last year. They are a top four team again this year and I think probably in the 3-4 range.


Once Logan McDonald gets going they’ll win another flag.

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Loaded with talent and they play an uncompromising brand of footy, and led by a very competent coach. There are no apparent weaknesses across their list, but plenty of bright, shiny young things that promise continued success. They are strong contenders, but could do with a little more KPF depth.

Fox Footy best 22

B: Dane Rampe, Tom McCartin, Paddy McCartin
HB: Nick Blakey, Robbie Fox, Jake Lloyd
C: Dylan Stephens, Callum Mills, Justin McInerney
HF: Isaac Heeney, Sam Reid, Will Hayward
F: Tom Papley, Lance Franklin, Ryan Clarke
FOLL: Tom Hickey, James Rowbottom, Luke Parker
I/C: Chad Warner, Logan McDonald, Oliver Florent, Errol Gulden

Francis, can they turn him around, all the best. I wasn’t that excited about their draft this year.
Paddy McCartin roll of the dice worked out well last year.
Still have improvement from kids - Gulden, McDonald, Campbell
My swans mate thinks they will win the flag this year.

Everyone is tipping a fall I feel they will still finish top 6
Prediction 2-6

Hope they crash and burn though and have lots of 1 point heart breaking losses. Plus umpire decisions go against them. Sorry …not sorry @Diggers

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Yep and they also have Hayden Mc Lean who looks to have a bit of talent too as a young key forward.



Real test of Bin Chicken Culture after they were eviscerated in clinical fashion by the Cats on the biggest stage. Will they be able to bounce back after such a meek capitulation? There’s been plenty of examples across the last 10-15 years of clubs that have fallen away after a heavy GF defeat. Port (2007), Adelaide (2017), GWS (2019), Dogs (2021) all suffered something of a hangover, and in some cases a prolonged malaise after being overwhelmed on GF day. Have a feeling they will fall back, not all the way out of the 8, but someone in that 5th-8th bracket. Buddy looks cooked and this may be one season too many.

Wouldn’t be surprised with them finishing anywhere between 1st-6th. They could easily take the next step required and win the flag, or have some self-doubt after suffering such a humiliating Grand Final defeat. I’m leaning towards the former. McDonald having a breakout year would be a big help, as Buddy will only continue to drop off. 2nd on the ladder.

Hopefully that GF thumping scars them for a few years.


The #1 ability of all successful sides is availability. If they regularly have access to their preferred best side, they’re good enough to make the top 8 and possibly the top 4.

Will fall and possibly miss the 8. Diddums.

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They have got a lot of good up and coming players.

I think they will be bottom rungs of the 8 but if those players continue to improve, and as you say they keep a healthy list, they could go deep.

How’s Francis been going? Would be pleased for him if he makes it.

Didn’t play against Carlton. No idea if injured or just not picked

Franga with 16 touches and 3.2 to be the Swans best in their VFL loss. Hard side to break in to but he is around the mark


Must have nightmares coming to the MCG. Conceded 267 points across their last 2 visits. Bin Chicken defensive structures don’t hold up. And the next time they’re at the home of footy in Round 8, they have Collingwood.

Needs to retire. It’s going to end horribly.


he went down pretty hard for something that looked innocuous. 3 week minimum stint on sidelines.
dunno if family could get him to change his mind about footy.
but club could make the call.


It might get to the point where the AFL/Sydney may not be able to insure him given his priors. No doubt given how much head injuries are front of mind, there will be a lot of scrutiny on McCartin, how long he is on the sidelines and whether he makes it back on the field ever again.

wow that’s actually pretty disturbing to watch.
considering you see bigger and harder hits during a game (hell you see that sorta stuff in almost every play in the nrl) and he was looking like jelly.

when you have a class action lawsuit about this exact issue, that is not a great look to have, esp from a guy who has issues in this area.