Season 2023 - West Coast

No suprise really. An absolute scumbag like most of his premiership teammates.


As you do

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West Coast have lost 36 of their last 39 matches. To show how bad this is - Fitzroy lost 38 of their last 41 matches.

The Eagles WAFL team average losing margin for the season is 100 points.

What a debacle of a club.


They’ve always been a very proud club (well, arrogant) so it will be interesting to see if they swallow their pride and ask for draft assistance from the AFL.

They won’t get any, they won a GF only 5 years ago.


They won a premiership more recently than 14 other clubs. They sold the farm for Tim Kelly after winning that premiership. No way they get any assistance


I’m not sure that that is part of the criteria…they’ve been atrocious for two years now (long may it continue) and the AFL doesn’t like that.

It will matter to all the other clubs and to the AFL on image alone. If they didn’t help a club like North until they had to and they had been unsuccessful for longer, the last thing they will do is offer draft picks to a club that has basically only just won a GF. They will have to rebuild like everyone else has to. They also gave up a ridiculous amount for one player, if they had not done that things might not be so bad. Injuries also muddy the water, AFL have no obligation to cover their injury problem.


I’m in total agreement with you…I hope they rot at the bottom of the ladder for eternity.

All I’m saying is that the AFL is all about optics…and the eagles are not presenting a good look at this stage…and that might tempt the AFL to intercede.

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Plus the eagles membership and attendance numbers barely fluctuate even when crap, they have a waiting list for members seats.

The AFL will make them rectify this naturally

Only saving grace for them is they get to do this dip before Tassie comes along, if they hit a hole this deep in 2027, well that would be a long painful road back

Nah, not this year, they will possibly try and push for a coach change but that would be the extent of it, other than maybe getting involved with their medical side of things to run an “external” report on why things got so bad.

Hope they do and get knocked back.

Issue is they have no one other than Tim Kelly and Oscar Allen aged between 20 and 30 that are any good. All their old blokes are injury prone and have no trade value. It’s going to be a long way back.

It will be fun to watch them continue to stink it up.


Curious, did Maric take a 6 or 18month contract?

Their best and fairest would be an absolute dog’s breakfast at the moment.

Tim Kelly would be leading, Oscar Allen second, maybe Bailey Williams third and then after that… Jeepers!

Anyone who plays 19-20 games is a big chance to finish top 5 or certainly top 10. Even if they were basically rubbish lol.

Jermaine Jones was going well before he got seriously injured it must be said.

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Hunt would have picked up some votes

Nic Martin? Oh, that’s right.

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer fan base.


Average losing margin is 100 points. That’s not even an exaggeration.

Their next match is against Claremont who sit atop the ladder. Lol.