Season 2024 - Collingwood


Coach – Craig McRae

2023 –

Points For – 4th
Points Against – 3rd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – Josh Daicos
2 – Nick Daicos
3 – Brayden Maynard
4 – Tom Mitchell
5 – Scott Pendlebury

2023 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Harry DeMattia, Lachie Schultz, Tew Jiath

Outs – Taylor Adams, Trent Bianco, Arlo Draper, Jack Ginnivan, Will Kelly, Cooper Murley, Trey Ruscoe

My Prediction

Collingwood winning the whole lot last year wasn’t a surprise, it was however very disappointing and something I hope we can avoid seeing again for a very long time. It was disappointing to hear people talk about how much they loved watching them play or how they were a good news story. Never ever forget the hate. Last year could only have been worse if Carlton won the damn thing.

The backline was good last year. They can be opened up but generally they got the job done. Howe made it back after losing his arm, Maynard is a flog and Murphy should be ok after a late start to the year. Moore is moderately likeable but reasonably talented and they get good run off half back from Markov and Quaynor.

The midfield is deep and diverse (not racially, this is Collingwood. I am talking about age). They have Pendlebury and Sidebottom bringing the experience, The Daicos boys bringing skill and hope and they have De Goey for the handsy harassment. Mitchell was a very good get last year and they have Crisp and Lipinski for depth. I think losing Adams hurts them but he is coverable.

The forward line looks crap. Mihocek is good but they need a focal point and I wonder if it will be Mason Cox who was disappointingly good in the second half of last season. Schultz is a good average player to bring in and they have McCreery who became less and less likeable as the year went on. Hill winning the Norm Smith (which honestly saved us from even more Nick Daicos worship over the off season) hurt when he should have been in red and black. Jamie Elliott is right up there with the most punchable players in the AFL and faded as last year went on. I don’t think it is a good forward line and it will be interesting to see how they line up.

I believe Darcy Cameron is a ruck. Hard to tell but he seems like a footballer and is able to impact the game in ways other than his subpar tap work. The coach is a genius. He is frustratingly good. Won a premiership with a good list but not the best, there are a couple of lists better than his yet there he is with his silverware.

Annoyingly, I don’t know if there is a reason outside of complacency to believe Collingwood will drop down the ladder too far this year. They have a game plan that works, they have believe in themselves and each other, they expect to win every game they play. I don’t know how they drop out of the top four unless injuries really hit them (we can at least hope) so I expect them to finish top 3 again.




Hope they do a Geelong

What, build a dynasty and win multiple flags, then always be around the mark, then win another flag before potentially being done for a while?

No, I’d rather they didn’t.

They’ll be around the mark again this season, though.


Assuming Nino meant finishing below Essendon after winning a flag.

Ohh, I see. Yes, that would be nice.

Won’t happen though.

Schultz is such a fantastic pick up. He’s a gun

Top 2, again

Disgusting football club. I ■■■■■■■ hate them and their supporters


Have to disagree on the forward line. The smalls/medium mix they have works perfectly for their brand of football and causes even the best teams trouble. Mihocek is usually solid. With McStay, it’s hard to find many weaknesses, but his injury means Cameron or Cox have to shoulder more responsibility. Those guys being in-form for long enough is the doubt.

Regardless, this team was lucky to win 1 finals let alone 3. They look unstoppable for a quarter then go to sleep. Usually they do just enough when they’re on to get over the line, but it’s really only their MCG home advantage that was the difference against GWS and Brisbane.

Darcy Moore is worth about 4 goals most weeks. He and Nick Daicos are doing a lot of heavy lifting despite the teamwork and effort that the team is well-known for.

1st, but hopefully not.

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This really made me laugh :rofl:

And I will confess to (1) I like watching them and (2) I was barracking for them against Brisbane in the GF.

Pies small forwards are the best in the league. All they need is for their talls to bring it to ground and occasionally kick a goal.

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Will embarass us on Anzac day, again.

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We are due for a win.

We’re not due for another year, going by the 4 year cycle

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Yeah not sure I agreed with your assessment about their forwardline.

4th most for points scores. But helped by a good midfield.

They often find avenues for goals through Crisp and Daicos and others that just go forward. Mihocek isn’t the best forward in the league, but 47 goals from 24 games means he does his job just fine, and he produces more regulary than Wright does without the peaky highs. Their small forwards are elite. Jamie Elliot kicked 39 goals and Bobby Hill kicked 33, both very dangerous. Now Lachie Shultz whom is coming off a 33 goal year, good defensively and is an assist leader is added to their ranks. If Cox and Johnson can hold up their ends and De Goey have stints in there they’ll be OK. McCeery might move into the midfield but he’s an under rated tough unit that every team needs.

Midfield is very good. Nick Daicos will win a Brownlow this year, and his brother Josh will be very good on the wings with an occasional match winning game. De Goey is a gun on his day and Tom Mitchell is just reliable every game. Crisp is also a very good tough player plus they can rotate any number of experienced players through there like Pendles and Sidebottom. Honestly it’s just a physically tough and mentally battle hardened midfield.

Top 3 for me, if the desire remains, another premiership.

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Nope i mean win a flag then dont play finals the next year

When will Darcy Moore come out?

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I feel like if any player will it would be him but maybe he thinks why should it matter? I remember the NBL player doing it recently and it was received well and soon pretty much forgotten.

Parker returns to football after signing with Collingwood Magpies as a Category B rookie

Victorian leg-spinner Wil Parker is set to walk out on Cricket and make a return to football, after falling down the pecking order with the rise of Todd Murphy.

Daniel Cherny and Paul Amy

less than 2 min read

February 20, 2024 - 7:13PM

Victorian leg-spinner Wil Parker will return to football via Collingwood.

Multiple sources confirmed to this masthead on Tuesday night that the former under-18 football star had opted to join the Magpies as a Category B rookie.

The Western Bulldogs had also been interested in Parker, who was a gun junior medium defender with the Eastern Ranges.

Parker burst onto the scene as a teenage leg-spinner with the Vics, making his Sheffield Shield debut in early 2020 but has fallen down the pecking order with the rise of Todd Murphy.

He also had a stint in the Big Bash League with the Hobart Hurricanes.

Parker is the nephew of Port Adelaide recruiting chief Geoff Parker.

Parker said in 2020 that he had chosen cricket over football in part because of the effect of Covid-19 on the latter.

Former Hobart Hurricanes star Wil Parker is set to for a code switch to the AFL. Picture: Getty Images

Former Hobart Hurricanes star Wil Parker is set to for a code switch to the AFL. Picture: Getty Images

“Having the experience last year in cricket, it gave me an idea that I’m a chance to make it in cricket rather than hedge my bets in footy,” Parker said at the time.

“If I had a chance to play footy, I could be in a totally different position … I could have had a great season, nominated for the draft and who knows what would have happened?

“But obviously in the current circumstances, there’s no footy going on so I didn’t feel as confident nominating for the draft. And obviously I got an opportunity with cricket and I took it.

“It was a very hard decision, one that I weighed up for a long time. I love both sports, but I had to choose one eventually.”


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