Season 2024 - Hawthorn

Will McCabe - my guess would be rebounding defender in the Ridley mould.

Bone stress injury of his back, sounds similar to what Zach Reid and Nick Cox had. growing pains, they probably can’t bank on him next year, but maybe he will be ok with a preseason under his belt. Cox came back ok this year, but McCabe will be undersized I imagine as harder to add weight when dealing with that injury.

Think Breust has now (or will this weekend) played the most games by a rookie selection.
Kinda odd to watch him run around in a helmet and Swans colours :joy:

Oi fk off Hawthorn.
That’s what Essendon do. That’s our thing. Get your own thing.


Aren’t they training on a spongey tip now?

For those that follow the league more closely than me; where would you rate the Hawthorn side on talent?
I watched most of the Collingwood game yesterday and it looked like a bunch of no-namers dismantling the reigning premiers on the back of good structure and a belief/desire to win each contest. Reminded me of the Richmond premiership teams less the class of a Martin, Lynch or Rance to elevate them from competitors to a genuine flag threat.

Yes - they’ve passed us

Will Day is genuine top level talent. Newcombe is pretty good too but I’d have a bit lower.
Other than that, they are just very well coached, and very well balanced.

I think Nick Watson will become an elite talent, too.


They’re not bad, but have a long way to go. They’re certainly playing out of their skins right now though, their list seems a lot more mentally resilient than ours. I watch a fair bit of Hawthorn because of some family members. I’d say they’re maybe 2 seasons off being a real threat.

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Better coached, more belief, playing youngsters together. Disgusting


Yep, less senior talent but are backing their kids and have an identifiable system.

Incredibly jealous.


Whos better, Day or Durham?

Its incredible how many good players have come from the mid season draft now.

I have Will Day ahead of Durham, but for Durham to be producing the level of footy he has (and the consistency which he produces it) after a single offseason training for the role is insane, and I think he could catch up.

I think Day was national draft. Newcombe was mid-season.


I personally have Durham slightly ahead.
Their numbers are incredibly close but Durham kicks a few more goals and wins a few more clearances.
Durham I think is a little more dynamic too as he has that break away speed from congestion.

Both are fantastic young players.

Day and Newcombe are the obvious ones that most non Haw casual observers will know.
Day is the one with the ability to reach the Top 10 mids in the comp, and it might happen soon.

They are deeper in the midfield than people think.
Worpel is back to his best form.
Nash, whilst untidy at times with disposal, is a brutally big body (198cm) in there that can do some heavy lifting.
That’s a tough midfield, and they’re bringing kids up underneath and giving them exposure on ball (MacKenzie, Ward, Moore).
Now they have an improving competitive big slug of a Ruckman in Meek, that midfield group can go toe to toe with most.

A couple of their other young players are improving rapidly in Macdonald and Weddle.
Very good players.
Obviously, Mass has improved markedly with his new role and faith from the coach.
They have some older heads helping to hold that vulnerable defence together in Sicily, Impey & Frost, and Amon was a sound experienced pick up after they let Mitchell & JOM go.

Chol would have to be one of the most improved players in the comp.
Not sure what the numbers say, appears the penny has finally dropped and he is now competing and making contests that he couldn’t/wasn’t before.

Whilst missing Lewis all season would have been seen as soul destroying pre season, they have found something in Calsher Dear, and re-acquiring Gunston has proved a shrewd move (which surprised me).

I shudder to think what the result would have been in those conditions yesterday, if it was us playing instead of the Pies :grimacing:

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Winning changes everything builds belief and confidence

Wish that were so Nino, but there’s different winning ways. Hawks are winning boldly and probably against the odds, and when we were winning it was scraping by and never convincing. The players feel that more than we do, and we definitely feel it.

They are middle of the table at best.
More likely around 12th.
Towards the bottom end of the table at worst.
I don’t think they are good enough to make finals this year, but they are definitely going to give it a shake, especially if they can travel to Adelaide and win next week.

They have gone on a run. Which can happen with a young team. Then the bubble bursts and they can fall back when things don’t go their way. They are yet to become ‘targeted’ so most teams that come up against them will just go head to head against them. It’s really up to them to try and take away the oppositions strength and counter them. It becomes different when teams are trying to take away your strength and you needing to counter them.

Their performance yesterday wasn’t too surprising. They beat Collingwood pretty well last year and were close to them the year before so they do match up well against them. It’s been a good year from them. They’ve shown improvement which is all you can ask of them. They are on the right track.

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