Season 2024 - North Melbourne

North Melbourne

Coach – Alastair Clarkson

2023 –

Points For – 17th
Points Against – 17th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Harry Sheezel
  2. Nick Larkey
  3. Bailey Scott
  4. LDU
  5. Jack Ziebell

2023 Rising Star Noms

Harry Sheezel (Rnd 1)
George Wardlaw (Rnd 13)
Eddie Ford (Rnd 24)

Ins – Wil Dawson, Zane Duursma, Zac Fisher, Taylor Goad, Riley Hardeman, Finnbar Maley, Colby McKercher, Bigoa Nyuon, Toby Pink, Dylan Stephens

Outs – Aiden Bonar, Ben Cunnington, Jacob Edwards, Todd Goldstein, Aaron Hall, Daniel Howe, Jack Mahony, Ben Mckay, Flynn Perez, Phoenix Spicer, Kayne Turner, Lachie Young, Back Ziebell

My Prediction

Cunnington, McKay, Ziebell and Goldstein are four pretty big names to lose from a team that has done nothing for an extended period of time and leaves you to believe they are comfortable suckling from the AFL teet for a little longer. The AFL have given them the sort of help they only seem to give to the teams they have to fund themselves. The good news is that it didn’t work quickly for the Gold Coast and it is unlikely to work quickly here as well.

The backline is worse than West Coast which was already a hot mess. I don’t know if they have a key position player. They have Corr but he isn’t really a player or right for a key position. Comben is a reach, they will have to dip into the youth basket. I am not sure if they will transition Sheezel into the midfield or leave him down back. There seems word he will revert back to his centre forward roots. Fisher has been brought in to be the extremely undersized, inconsistent small half back. McDonald has been solid back there but he will be carrying the load.

The midfield is one to watch. I am not sure next year but Thomas, Scott, Wardlaw, Duursma, LDU and Simpkin along with Phillips and Powell. They have built from the midfield out. It is a tactic that has failed many before them, there will be times when they look like world beaters and times when they get absolutely smashed. I suspect they will look like world beaters a lot more often this year.

The forward line has the bones of something pretty good. Larkey was probably the best key forward in the competition last year. Zurhaar will at some stage start to realise his potential, Sheezel will see more time up forward and they have smalls in Stephenson and Ford. They will see enough of the ball this year and I don’t expect them to be the 17th scoring team.

The rucks are thin but Xerri looked good last year and moving on from Goldstein is definitely the right move for the team. Xerri is a good tap ruckman and works hard around the ground, he is not in the same class as the Todd but he will build with their midfield group and grow with them. What can be said about the coach that hasn’t been said before (not much apparently because the AFL makes those voices go away). He has been given another free pass with a rubbish team being given all sorts of ridiculous help to climb up the ladder quickly.

The Roos are still rebuilding and seem to be avoiding all temptation for quick wins. They are staying the path. The free pass they got from the AFL is far from a guarantee of success but it certainly gives them a head start. They did well last year in the draft with Sheez and Wardlaw but they also seem to be ignoring their key position needs. They are very light on for talls and this will mean they wont be overly competitive for large portions of this year. I think they are going to be more competitive and will win more games but there is no giant climb up the ladder. 16-17 for mine.


im not sure why north melbourne needs to exist




Origami FC

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I have them as a big improver, they won’t play finals but their talent on their list will hold them in good stead for the years to come

2026 they will challenge for finals realistic timeframe

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Their strength is their midfield and even that is a work in progress, with an imbalance in favour of the young players they have drafted over the last couple of seasons. While they continue to wait for them to develop they will be on the wrong end of many a mauling. The reason being that they have ignored recruiting any KPPs for a few years, and have now lost McKay. Larkey is quality but needs support, and there is no depth to back him up. Norf will be strong contenders for the spoon again this year.


And long may it continue!!

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They lost some big names, but McKay was the only one of real consequence. Xerri is set to take the ruck mantle, while Ziebell was often a liability wherever he was playing.

They’re better than West Coast, and have higher upside, but a lack of KPDs will sting. One gets the impression their midfield, which is potentially looking very good, will have to be dominant for them to win games.

Simp, LDU and Zurhaar are the ones to watch out for, they’re all hard nuts who will set the on-field culture for the new breed. Sheezel is all class and the sky is the limit.

Bottom four, with one or two upset wins along the way. Clakko is a ■■■■.

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The only area as sh¡t as their key defensive stocks is perhaps their small forward options.

In fact they’re probably the only club with a worse contingent of small forwards than us.

Blake Drury, Cooper Harvey and Robert Hansen Jnr. That’s grim.

They’ve got a number of decent medium sized, generally thick set forwards like Paul Curtis, Cam Zurhaar, Brayden George has big wraps on him and Eddie Ford is handy. And of course an outstanding key forward in Larkey. They’d love another genuine key forward option though. CCJ doesn’t inspire much confidence.


Zero Hanger best 23

FB: Luke McDonald , Aidan Corr, Josh Goater

HB: Harry Sheezel , Griffin Logue, Zac Fisher

C: Dylan Stephens, Jy Simpkin, Bailey Scott

HF: Curtis Taylor, Eddie Ford, Cameron Zurhaar

FF: Jaidyn Stephenson , Nick Larkey, Paul Curtis

FO: Tristan Xerri, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Tarryn Thomas

I/C: Charlie Comben, Colby McKercher, George Wardlaw, Will Phillips

SUB: Tom Powell

Also in the mix: Kallan Dawson, Hugh Greenwood, Toby Pink, Miller Bergman, Callum Coleman-Jones, Zane Duursma, Darcy Tucker

Backline is trash will let some big scores go.
Hopefully McKay is a big loss.

I prefer Sheezel up forward, he’s there most talented small forward. Just need midfield to deliver enough ball. Larkey is a star. Ford is a battler, but thats about it. Zurharr usually does well against us, but wont have it all his own way this time.

Midfield should
improve again they have gone down the pies rebuild and thrown everything into the midfield and not bothered about KPF KPD. However pies seem to find it easier to attract free agents or trade players in as required.

will goldy be a loss, Xerri is ok but if he goes down who will be forced to ruck?

Will be interested in following how young Colby McKercher goes, the next Zach Merrett.

North have super coach Clakko.
but cant see then moving much up the ladder next year.

Prediction: 15-18th


The experience level is what will kill them. I think some big wins intertwined with a lot of medium to large losses is their year. If they get more than 6 wins I’ll be surprised, most will come in the first half of the season.

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Wardlaw gets a mention this player is class and expect him to make a major impact on field this season.

If his hammys hold up.


I do love the “anything North of 193cm without the surname Larkey is a massive concern” :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


clakkko needs to be shown the door.

Apparently there are new DV allegations against Tarryn Thomas.

Career done you’d think. Hopefully he is put away before he hurts anyone else. Pond scum human.


Wouldn’t have happened under BDB

Clakko sucks


What an idiot. He could be elite but he’s throwing it all away.