Season 2024 - Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide

Coach – Ken Hinkley

2023 –

Points For – 3rd
Points Against – 12th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Zac Butters
  2. Connor Rozee
  3. Dan Houston
  4. Willem Drew
  5. Aliir Aliir

2023 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Thomas Anastasoploulos, Lachlan Charleson, Will Lorenz, Esava Ratagolea, Ivan Soldo, Jordon Sweet, Xavier Walsh, BZT

Outs – Nathan Barla, Riley Bonner, Trent Dumont, Xavier Duursma, Orazio Fantasia, Sam Hayes, Tom Jonas, Scott Lycett, Jake Pasini, Brynn Teakle

My Prediction

A lot of big predictions for the Power this year and there were times last year where they looked like they could achieve anything. They have retooled their backline and their ruck department as well as implemented another half arsed coaching handover with Josh Carr sitting in the back of the room waiting for Ken to make a mistake. It will not be boring at Port this year.

The backline was poor last year, they can talk up Aliir Aliir but he got found out consistently in the back half of last season as teams started playing through his man and he wanted no part of it. BZT comes in presumably to be a stopper and they have employed Esava to the role of looking amazing in patches and absolutely hopeless in others. Bergman, Houston and Burton give them very good disposers off half back.

The midfield is chock full of talent. You could make an argument for them to be the best midfield in the comp. JHF will get better again, Wines was down last year as they looked at his role but he is still a very good player, Rozee and Butters are brilliant game changing players and then they have depth with Farrell, Drew, Boak and Byrne-Jones. They don’t want for much in the middle, you could make an argument they don’t work hard enough defensively when things aren’t going their way.

The forward line works in part due to the talent they have and in part due to the amount of ball their midfield wins. Dixon is much maligned (drink) but also very important to the structure of this team. The last thing any team would want is to have Todd Marshall being rag dolled around their forward line due to not having stronger options. Georgiaides was down last year and they will be hoping for a bounceback from him. SPP will do SPP things which include kicking goals, bowling people over and putting stupid crap on social media. Rioli was a good pick up for them last year and another year in their system (and with all the bad stuff out of his) should see even better output.

The rucks are different but still not particularly good, Soldo is very average at the tap and just ok around the ground, they will be hoping Sweet develops and is able to take over at some stage. The coach has a pretty good record, he manages to be there abouts consistently without looking like nabbing a flag very often. A drop out of the top four may see him on the market.

Whilst there are some clear issues with their backline and potentially their rucks, the midfield is stellar and will win them a lot of games on the talent in there alone. I don’t think they are a premiership threat at this stage but if you can put yourself in the top four, then you give yourself a chance and they should definitely be in the top four. I think 2-4 is about the spot for them.


Callers nightmare.

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Yep, 3-5 for mine.

They’ll win most home games. They’ll probably go better than 50/50 away from home. That alone gets them around the top 4 mark.

Could go either way for them I reckon this year could very well finish top 4 or a injury here and there and they could be struggling to make the eight and have Carr coaching by round 23

Not sure about them. This is probably because of how they played against us, but I’m not convinced they will make the top 4. Seem very dependent on their young mid stars to have big games. Their key position players seem to be too injury prone or inconsistent to challenge for a flag.


If Willem Drew finished fourth in their b&f then I think they have serious friggin’ issues.

Honest trier that wouldn’t break into many other midfields.

Think they might slip a bit, can see them missing out altogether but they will have enough to finish bottom half of the top 8. Won’t do much more than that though, have been found out enough times in finals, absolute pretenders.

3-6 is my guess for Port
Their midfield is outstanding and when fit, I like their ball movement, especially at Adelaide oval.

But, I still think they lack a ruthless edge and will drop games they should win.

I swear that you’re starting to troll me now :rofl:

Georgiades played all of two games last year after doing his ACL in April


5 to 9 for mine.


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Unfortunately they should improve

Wines was playing injured most of year, he’s back fit and will be back in the guts again driving their team. Butters, Rozee and JHF are all well adjusted to midfield now and will only get better. That is one quality midfield group, and Boak just keeps on keeping on in support

They’ve addressed the defensive issues, Esava + Zerk close checking with Aliir jumping 3rd man in will be hard to get past.

And they’ve also addressed ruck issues bringing in both Sweet and Soldo, the latter means Dixon (who was also playing injured) won’t have to go into ruck and he’s crucial to their fwd line.

Fark Port

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Will make finals but will be lucky to win a final.


May they rot.



Best 23

from Zero Hanger

FB: Ryan Burton, Esava Ratugolea, Lachlan Jones

HB: Miles Bergman, Aliir Aliir, Daniel Houston

C: Ollie Wines, Willem Drew, Kane Farrell

HF: Jason Horne-Francis, Todd Marshall, Sam Powell-Pepper

FF: Willie Rioli, Charlie Dixon, Jeremy Finlayson

FO: Ivan Soldo, Zak Butters, Connor Rozee

I/C: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Jed McEntee, Dylan Williams

SUB: Travis Boak

Also in the mix: Mitchell Georgiades, Trent McKenzie, Ollie Lord, Francis Evans, Quinton Narkle, Jordon Sweet, Jase Burgoyne, Jackson Mead, Josh Sinn

Every AFL team’s best 23 for the 2024 season: Port Adelaide Power - AFL News - Zero Hanger - Page 4

Port should be there abouts again. Depth only ok. Solidified the defence with additions of BZT and ratagolea, but they are only B graders.

Defence still only jsut ok
Midfield and Forwardline are their strengths. Rioli adds some extra spark, and Powell Pepper been decent.
Rucks will be a weakness again, even thoguh they tried to address it.

Prediction 3-8 I can’t see them missing top 8. But I also can’t see them winning the flag either. Should do well at home, but prone to lose a few games to less thans like us. Will be interesting who is the best team in South Australia this year, crows might offer some competition.

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Their home ground advantage is one of the strongest in the league, and will stand them in good stead once more. Lower rungs of the 8, will play finals for sure.


There’s probably half a dozen teams I dislike more than Port but I’d still love to see them crash and burn because… well… umm… f**k 'em?


The one I would trying to get out of there is Ollie lord it will be interesting to see where he sits at the end of the year if he’s behind Marshall and Georgiadis he may be gettable

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Their weakness last year was a complete lack of backline height, that has been addressed, so should improve.

They have but not with good players, it will completely change how they play and it will be interesting to see if they can adjust quickly