Season 2024 - Richmond

He looks like an individual who will not stop in his relentless pursuit for ultimate success.

You’re right, definitely not knock off Mark Corrigan.
The boss guy from “HENNEMORE” skits, though. That’s probably the one.

If we did Halloween like the yanks there would have been sooooo many kids dressed like this bloke. Truly an inspiration.

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They’re a simple lot down at punt road.

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Can imagine their pea sized brains spinning while watching that

They’ve just won 3 flags. Absolutely bizarre

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Knuckle dragging filth

Bloddy hell

7 best 22 and a handful of others being depth or youngsters you’d hope would improve. Pretty bad.

It is the tigers though so long may it continue!!

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You had your time at the top. That time is over. I don’t give a ■■■■ about your club or how bad your injury list is. Seriously, ■■■■ off.


Just a guess…but it seems you don’t like the Tiges… :rofl:


Hopper injured again, not very durable that lad.

Good thing he’s only contracted until the end of 2029.

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Don’t get me started on them other two.

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Might be time for them to call up Monique Conti at this rate.

Interesting how quickly their fans fall off the bandwagon during a tough period.

That’s good, time on his and their side😜

To be fair he actually is very successful and was the money behind the unsuccessful (but kind of successful) coup

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Hopper has had an injury setback