Season 2024 - Richmond

That’s a shame for him, he was looking very good.


You could tell just from the way he landed that he had done some serious damage to the knee. Unfortunately l have seen that sort of landing and damage done to a knee before. Tiges in a world of pain right now. Bad luck for the young man, hope he makes a full recovery.

Dusty is crook, won’t play his 300th in Adelaide Thursday.

Surprise surprise

Dusty is sick.
That’s right, sick at the thought of travelling for a big milestone game.

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They arent playing a interstate team after that so more than 30K might turn up

No issue with it TBH
They are in tank mode and he deserves to play his 300th in front of his fans on his home deck.


Ohh, if anyone deserves to pick and choose where he plays his 300th, it’s Dustin Martin.

He’s absolutely earned that.


They are talking about Dustin Martin with Riewoldt on 360, and it’s so cringey. They make him sound simple. “Does he understand what he has done, Jack?”

I love that martin wont talk to the media. Absolutely love it


The tigers got so lucky with four players from a similar draft area getting to 300 games along with the fact that competition was junk through the back to back years

That’s my goal then!!!

It’s such a breath of fresh air that a player refuses to speak to sycophantic media fan boys, and roll out the obligatory platitudes and cringey cliches as per the script.

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Dusty doesn’t have a Jesinta , his private life stays private except when his teammates talk.


You’re giving him too much credit.

He could barely even pronounce his own name if he tried.


He was media clickbait from some early transgressions, then bruised from the media attention when his father was deported.

There’s some talk. rumours that Martin will retire after the game on Saturday.

We will see…

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Yes then make a comeback playing with the Suns


I feel as though a new Dusty retirement rumour appears every week.

1 Like suggesting Martin is the best big game player in history.

Doesn’t Ron Barassi fall into that time range called “history”

The old man reckoned he would have won 4 or 5 Norm Smiths if they’d been a thing in the 50s, and he also reckoned he beat us on his own in a couple of second semis. Just a dominant player.

I hate this recency view of history. It’s good enough to be the best player in a decade, a half-decade, a quarter-century.


Agree. Martin was a great big-game player, but that Barassi bloke you mentioned was pretty good too. And there was another Richmond bloke called Hart who went quite well in big games. I’ve also heard of some guy called Smith who used to play for Melbourne; I think he had some success as a coach as well.