Season 2024 - Richmond

Even on recent players I’d have GAJ well and truly out in front of that category

Your old man’s memory was a bit off as the only time we played Melbourne in a semi during that era we actually won, but I can confirm that Barassi absolutely destroyed us in the '57 and '59 grand finals and was duly accorded B.O.G. by the media.


You think this is bad…a few days ago I was reading an article that was putting forward the idea that this current Sydney team is better than our 2000 team…like wtf…they haven’t achieved anything yet to even be in the same sentence.


in the 90’s era

I had Carey & Ablett Snr as the 2 stars probably Lockett too
Then Hird + Voss + Buckley

The last ten- 15 years
Ablett, Judd

Then Pendelbury, Hodge Pavlich, Dusty, Franklin that step below

Now its the new era

Bontempelli, Petracca
Daicos, Gulden, Cripps, Oliver, Gawn, Curnow etc

Nick Daicos likely elevates to that top echelon just needs more longevity.

Ben Cousins fits in somewhere

He’s not even the best player in his family…

Big game players? No way known.


His 300th can’t come soon enough. The constant fapping in the lead up is intolerable, but the worst part is all the air time being given to Jack Riewold.


your right Jack Reiwoldt should be focused on the new Tasmanian side.

Interesting vibe today. The whole thing, result included, was very similar to Sheeds Hirdy farewell.

It felt like the final stamp on that era for Richmond. Wonder where it goes from here.


Hopefully back to the 80’s and 90’s.


Dusty’s manager wants him to play on, there’s a shock, and there’s talk that other clubs are circling (allegedly). I hope someone pulls Dusty aside and gives him some honest advice.

He will be up there with Hardwick next year. No doubt for a pick in the 60’s

I reckon he’ll pull the pin at season’s end.

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Tom, Richmond… meet cliff.


Just in time for Carlton as usual…

Far out. He’s as cooked as they come.

Remember when we all used to crack the sads cos Richmond got that free hit Thursday night first round of every season when they played Fark Carlton
Not saying I want those Tigers back but I really fkn hate this Fark Carlton blue vomit tide rising