Season 2024 - St Kilda

St Kilda

Coach – Ross Lyon

2023 –
Points For – 15th
Points Against – 1st

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Jack Sinclair
  2. Callum Wilkie
  3. Rowan Marshall
  4. Mitch Owens
  5. NWM

2023 Rising Star Noms

Mitch Owens (Rnd 4)
Mattaes Phillipou (Rnd8)

Ins – Riley Bonner, Lance Collard, Paddy Dow, Hugo Garcia, Angus Hastie, Liam Henry, Liam O’Connell, Arie Schoenmaker, Darcy Wilson

Outs – Oscar Adams, Jack Billings, Jack Bytel, Nick Coffield, Leo Connolly, Jade Gresham, Tom Highmore, Dan McKenzie, Jack Peris

My Prediction

Ross the Boss came back in last year with promises of adopting the modern game, being more attacking and how much he had changed. Next minute, the best ranked defence in the comp and the 15th ranked attack. Yet, the footy world bought it. That being said, he turned the ship around and whatever he was selling, the players were clearly buying.

The backline performed really well, that being said, playing back in a Lyon coached team must feel like a luxury being that the whole team does their job and the ball rarely seems to come down to your opponent without pressure. Battle, Wilkie and Howard would be punching bags at a lot of other teams but are effective in this system. Sinclair and MWN give them a mixture of hardness and run fro half back. It is a well balanced backline.

The midfield reads pretty dreadfully on paper. Brad Hill, Steele and Crouch are all good layers but not world changers. They have some young talent in Windhager, Phillipou and have gone out and brought in Liam Henry and Paddy Dow, both of who aren’t really game changers. Maybe Owens will spend some time in the middle and Mason Wood was a strangely effective wing last year. It is an uninspiring bunch though in general.

The forward line is the area that suffers under the Ross plan on top of a midfield that doesn’t win a lot of quick fast ball. They have talent down there. At some stage Max King will find his feet and stay on the field, Membrey is a good foil for King. Butler, Higgins and Owens give them multiple avenues to goal. They just need to see more of the ball. We keep being reminded the RTB is a genius so maybe he has something up his sleeve and was just building defensive systems before revolutionising the forward line. Or maybe he doesn’t really care about scoring as long as it is more than what the rest of the team can hold the opposition to.

The ruck is covered as long as Marshall stays fit. He is a good ruck and his tapwork is generally ok as well as his efforts around the ground. You can build your midfield around a player like him. The coach is good, you know what you are going to get, you will see a reporter sniped every now and then, he will say something bizarre and distract the media from an actual story but most of all, you ill know what you are going to get. You will get 22 plays pulling in the same direction and he will rate effort over talent.

Last year was a surprise to most with how well the Saints went and it has seen a lot of people expecting them to climb even further this year. I feel like unless they really start to look at a higher scoring brand of football, there isn’t a lot further they can go. I see them as a team that will threaten the top four and could also miss the eight entirely. At the end of the year I think they finish in the 8-10 range.


LOL Ross Lyon.


■■■■ these guys too.


They will be the one to drop out from last seasons 8.

I was at their final against GWS and they looked awfully exposed.

If your name started with J, you were a good chance to be traded or delisted last year. maybe Ross the boss couldnt handle all the Jack’s

Zero hanger best 23

FB: Callum Wilkie, Zaine Cordy, Marcus Windhager

HB: Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera, Josh Battle, Jack Sinclair

C: Mason Wood, Brad Crouch, Bradley Hill

HF: Dan Butler, Jack Hayes, Tim Membrey

FF: Jack Higgins, Max King, Mattaes Phillipou

FOLL: Rowan Marshall, Jack Steele, Mitch Owens

I/C: Hunter Clark, Cooper Sharman, Liam Henry, Liam Stocker

SUB: Paddy Dow

Every AFL team’s best 23 for the 2024 season: St Kilda Saints - AFL News - Zero Hanger - Page 4

Backline - nothing special workmanlike.
Midfield probably relies on Steele inside feeding it out to wood and Hill, Crouch was better last year, but a hammy injury is always a worry with him. Marshall is a decent ruck.
Forwardline - inconsistent, Hopefully Hayes comes back ok after ACL.
king is their great white hope Messiah, they would want a big year from him. nAnd he is probably the difference between them making finals and missing finals.
Higgins and butler are serviceable small forwards.
Phillipou will watch with interest how he progresses given us selecting Tsatas - but yeh think would prefer Caddy over phillipou anyway.

Hard to see them doing better than last year with a harder draw .
prediction 7-12th Another team in that rung of the middle 6 teams

I don’t see it with the Saints. I didn’t want Ross to coach us because I feel that his gameplan generally squeezes a lot out of his teams for a few years before the players are knackered and too drained to continue getting the same results.

The Saints’ list is less talented than Ross’s previous teams he took over, both of whom were very close to winning flags but still ultimately unsuccessful. How Ross will achieve more with this list, I don’t know. I think the best he can do is 6th, and the talent coming through doesn’t seem good enough to boost them up into the contender bracket any time soon.

They will probably play a consistent and competitive brand of footy like they did last year. At best they win an elimination final but most likely I see them dropping outside the 8 as last year felt like an over-performance due to a young group desperate to prove themselves to their new coach and catching teams off guard at the start of the year.


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David King thinks they will be top 4.

Therefore they won’t make finals.


The fact Ross commands so much power at StKilda is a huge worry. he is someone who you need a stupidly strong executive and coaching team to reel in. His style works when you’re a team which is legitimately a chance for the premiership, and you need to get that extra percent here and there to win one- he is great at that, he would be great at Brisbane.

For a youngish team who are still a fair while off it and won’t be genuine contenders for a few more years. Nope, no good. He will wear them down to a nub and then leave once he doesn’t get success.

I never bought that he legitimately wanted to coach again. I think his move back to saints was absolute and pure ego. When the saints dont get any success, he will blame someone else and return to the media.



That and his ■■■■ defensive gamestyle has been shown up in multiple finals.

Most overrated coach ever.

I think he did, but he didn’t want to apply for a job or go through a “process” to do so. He was frothing at the mouth when he thought he was a chance at getting the Carlton job because of his connections with Sayers. But once it was apparent he had to go through a process and he was going to be quizzed on the circumstances surrounding his misconduct with a female employee at Freo, he dropped out. When we got in touch about the coaching vacancy after Rutten was sacked, again was told of a process, no dice.

With St.Kilda, there was no process. Simply once they decided to flick Ratten he moved in. I’m sure there’s plenty of ego there with RTB. That ego had him believing he was above a process to get a coaching job and he simply should be offered a job.


He obviously didn’t do any research into what a “process” at Essendon involves… :slight_smile:

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I’d have liked him at Essendon. One thing for sure is he won’t tolerate anything less than 100% effort, accountability defensively and you have to be extremely fit to play in his teams. We’d have found out pretty quickly who the softies were on our list based on that alone. Having said that, I don’t agree with Kingy’s take that Saints could be top 4. Last year was probably the max output you can expect. 13-14 wins, 5th or 6th spot. Haven’t made the acquisitions in the off-season to add the talent require for top 4. Will still be a tough team to play against.

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He can coach a team to be consistent and competitive.
He’ll never coach a premiership.

He’s Rodney Eade MkII.

Several times a year I legit forget this team exists and then threads like this remind me and I’m all like “Oh yeah, they burned a small person once”


I should have just closed this thread after my first reply.

Everything else is redundant.

But I guess a(nother) scandal could happen at any time.

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He is great a coaching a team how to stop goals, but his teams just don’t score anywhere enough for them to be anywhere close to top 4

They will be battling for 8th spot come the last few rounds of the season


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I don’t like St Kilda, and I don’t like Ross Lyon.