Season 2024 - the vainglorious Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Coach – Damien Hardwick

2023 –
Points For – 13th
Points Against – 14th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Noah Anderson
  2. Sam Collins
  3. Matt Rowell
  4. Charlie Ballard
  5. Jarrod Witts

2023 Rising Star Noms

Bailey Humphrey (Rnd 9)
Mac Andrew (Rnd 20)

Ins – Sam Clohesy, Will Graham, Jack Mahoney, Ethan Read, Jake Rogers, Will Rowlands, Jed Walter

Outs – Jed Anderson, Connor Blakely, Chris Burgess, Mabior Chol, Charlie Constable, Elijah Hollands, Brodie Mclaughlin, Jeremy Sharp, Jake Stein

My Prediction

Another year in the competition for the team no one cares about. They have chased relevancy forever and try again this year but recruiting in a coach who only months earlier was so burnt out that he couldn’t even finish the season. The issues at the Suns don’t seem to be the list, they have spent their time building an incredibly poor culture in an amazingly short time frame. If you consistently tried to sabotage yourself from achieving success you wouldn’t be able to do as good a job as the AFL has done with their bastard child.

The backline underperformed last year when you look at Collins who is a very good fullback. Ballard had a good season and Powell turned up. Mac Andrew gives them something different and then you have Budarick, Jeffrey and MacPherson delivering from half back. They have the pieces there and you would think with better structure and understanding of what is expected they will be ok.

The midfield has elite top end talent. Anderson and Rowell finally found their footing. Miller, Ellis and Swallow round out a good starting midfield. Humphrey looks a beast who will spend more time in the guts and Flanders finally found his AFL feet last season. They don’t bat deep in the midfield which will be a concern.

The forward line is just ok. Ben King is playing his final season in the red and yellow before moving home so they will be looking to capitalise on his farewell. They have of course a couple of academy kids to step up but next year, it doesn’t look like a side that is ready to kick winning scores on a regular basis. Ainsworth will benefit from better structure and has the talent. Lukosius will look like a world beater one minute and an EDFL player the next.

The coach has done it all (literally). He will bring with him some sort of gravitas though and will be able to buy the time necessary to get things right at the Suns. It isn’t as simple as it was at GWS where they had experienced some level of success so a new coach had something to work with. This is a team that aspires to mediocrity. It will be a big test. They would like to see Witts stay fit, he is an elite ruck on his second season back from a knee and so important to the team.

It is so hard to get excited about the Gold Coast, most of the season it is enough effort to remember they even exist. They have the list, they have the coach. They no longer have any excuses. They will need to play finals soon. I don’t think this is the year however. I think they will threaten the eight for large parts of the year before finishing in the 10-12 range.


Nice summary!

Can’t you just wait for the first blockbuster grand final with the Suns and Giants?

I think the main thing Dimma will bring is better player retention. With that they will get enough senior bodies and be able to make a run at it.

Their list has plenty of talent and as their academy kids come on perhaps it will spark a bit more life into them.

GC like the Giants have a dud home ground. Hard to get too for supporters and no real atmosphere in it or surroundings

With the suns Carrara is freezing on a mid winter’s night.

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Go the Snus!

Fold and die already, piece of ■■■■ football club

Zero Hanger best 23

FB: Wil Powell, Sam Collins, Mac Andrew
HB: Connor Budarick, Charlie Ballard, Darcy Macpherson
C: Lachie Weller, Touk Miller, Brandon Ellis
HF: Bailey Humphrey, Jack Lukosius, Ben Ainsworth
FF: Malcolm Rosas, Ben King, Nick Holman
FO: Jarrod Witts, Noah Anderson, Matt Rowell
I/C: Sam Flanders, Jed Walter, David Swallow, Rory Atkins
SUB: Ben Long

Also in the mix: Brayden Fiorini, Jake Rogers, Ned Moyle, Will Graham, Joel Jeffrey, Levi Casboult, Alex Davies

Every AFL team’s best 23 for the 2024 season: Gold Coast Suns - AFL News - Zero Hanger - Page 4

I actually rate their depth now, some early first/second round picks with talent and a bit of experience gained winning VFL comp last year.

Anderson is a Jet
Rowell needs injury free year.
I like Humphrey.
Didn’t lose anyone of note, but gaines some early picks and Hardwick.
They have to improve, expect a well drilled unit and they will be better when playing away from home.

Backline developing, will be more systems/structure based
Midfield - loaded with talent
Forwards - some talent, but lacks experience synchronicity, Dimma will be begging King to stay, AFL probably kick in $$$ to enable it like they did for Coniglio or was it Kelly?

Prediction: 5-14
Finals will they win a final before us…could they be playing Essendon in a elimination final this year, Media would froth over that. Dons trying to break 20 year finals loss streak, Suns aiming for their first. Hardwick hatred of dons, and can bringing out the comment that last tigers game got beat by a pack of spuds etc.
5th H&A, 8th (finals loss to Dons)

id hope of all interstate venues, Carrara would be one we could win at. specially in front of half a dozen suns fans and a few seagulls.

Essendon fans would easily outnumber suns fans if we played a interstate final there.

There’s a sense Hardwick is exactly what was required up here and his impact thus far has been transformational. The Suns seem to be stepping up their fitness and there’s a feeling of stability and connection in the Club I haven’t witnessed in the past. Pre season and all that, the signs of elevation in professionalism, fitness and being much more invested is apparent.

Like Essendon, new coach, new program, new fitness program etc means being realistic around 2024. They have lots of talent but it needs to gel, connect and they need to find where everything all lands.

Certainly hunting finals in 2024 but given they’re finding themselves and building a program, expect 2025 to be a better year.

The Suns should be more professional, trustworthy and more difficult to beat. But I still think 2024 has them 9th-12th, albeit a better side.


I reckon Dave, you should switch allegiance to the Suns, you deserve each other.

They finish 7th in my Squiggle ladder predictor.


You are thinking about it.

As long as you don’t come here they’ll be fine Foxy.

Dimma = Rocket Eade 2.0

Sugar hit initially for the players and then slide back into business as usual after that for the Suns.

If Dimma felt burnt-out midway through last year, I’d hate to think how he’ll feel at the end of 2025 coaching this rabble.

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The Suns, for all their draft talent on field still have a dreadful culture to overcome, or at least that is how it looks. Until that happens they will struggle to be taken seriously. Middle third of the ladder for me.

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The Suns need more speed as they are slow as a wet week - They could mitigate this by faster and more daring ball movement BUT there current style of play is based on a slow, contested style which has its limitations.

Seeing as they’ve got a new coach, there’s a fair chance their style of play won’t be the same this year

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Hardwick can ■■■■ off. I hope we steal whatever emerging talent they have at the end of the season.

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So looks like we got nothing good to spend that war chest on.


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