Season 2024 - Western Bulldogs

Western Bulldogs

Coach – Luke Beveridge

2023 –

Points For – 10th
Points Against – 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

1 – The Bont
2 – Tom Liberatore
3 – Ed Richards
4 – Caleb Daniel
5 – Liam Jones

2023 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Lachie Bramble, Nick Coffield, Jordan Croft, Joel Freijah, James Harmes, Aiden O’Driscoll, Ryley Sanders, Lachlan Smith

Outs – Josh Bruce, Hayden Crozier, Mitch Hannan, Robbie McComb, Toby McLKean, Tom O’Brien, Cody Raak, Roarke Smith, Jordon Sweet

My Prediction

The Bulldogs were dreadful to watch last year. The question marks around the recruitment of Lobb were founded as he turned out to be entirely surplus to their needs. On the upside, the stubbornness of the coach in trying to find a way to squeeze Lobb into the team made them a much less effective team.

The backline improved last year. They looked better with Liam Jones back there who gave them a genuine stopper and someone who could mark and rebound. Richards had a career best season amongst the chaos and they will hope Coffield will some from St Kilda and give them abut more run as well. The Sam Darcy/Aaron Naughton forward or back conversation should also be a thing as they are too stacked up forward for talls.

The midfield reads nicely on paper but they aren’t as effective as you would hope. The Bont is still the most impactful player in the AFL but he needs support. It will be interesting to see if Smith can get back in the midfield as they need him. Libba has been stellar over the past few seasons and is probably their second most important player after the Bont. Treloar is boring and feels like he doesn’t impact games nearly as much as he should. Macrae and Harmes will keep them batting deep.

The forward line reads as good as any. JUH started to dominate games in patches last year and you would think in his final year before moving to Essendon, they will be hoping for some bags from him. Naughton does everything you want a key forward to do. He flies, he makes a contest and often takes marks and kicks goals. Caleb Daniel and Weightman give them solid crumbing options whilst Lobb gives their fans something to talk about.

Tim English is as good a young ruck as you could hope to have. He keeps getting better and his impact around the ground is improving. Darcy and Lobb will give them some depth. The coach is right under the pump. He is due a good year, missing the finals this year would probably cost him his job. He would be a fun one to watch melt down if things start to go badly.

The Bulldogs should not have missed the finals last year. They have too much talent across their list and should have been closer to the top four than where they ended up. It was unimaginative coaching and a disinterested playing group that got them to ninth. It will be interesting to see how they turn things around this year. They could easily be a top four team and they could miss finals again. I am going to split the different and predict 7-10.


Smith did his ACL and is out for the year so probably won’t be playing much midfield this season.


Personally I think they’re one Bevo outburst away from imploding. Talented list but strangely I’m not confident at all they’ll go anywhere this season.


They have spent a lot of draft capital on talls and now do not bat deep enough in the midfield.

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2016 flag has bought Bevo a license to do whatever he wants, however he wanted for far too long! He seemingly runs the own whole club down there ala Clarko/Hawthorn minus the dynasty.

Bont, Libba, McRae, Smith and Treloar is a fantastic onball unit but he doesn’t play them there.

Johanasen found form again and is a great distributor, elite skills from Dale and Daniel in the back half whilst Jones and Keath hold down key back position. Busslinger should take over from Jones once retires

Jamara, Naughton and Weightman are locks. Lobb and Naughton fly for too many of the same balls and Lobb can’t be played again. I like Naughton up the ground and Jamara/Darcy deep or English when forward.

They don’t bat particularly deep but they have genuine star, match-winning power and I feel Bevo moves the magnents like a lunatic to try and make things work, but unfortunately its his magnet that needs to go.


Nowhere near enough hate for these horrible pr*cks.

Had enough of 'em. Gagf, you pissweak excuse for a football club.

Oh yeah, and Luke Darcy and Brad Johnson are huge wankers.


Every year has a team that falls off and I think it’s the Dogs this year. Not in a catastrophic way but I can see them underperforming just enough to get Bevo sacked. I know they had a good round 24 to end the year against the Cats, but over the season they were pretty uninspiring considering the talent on their list. 12th-14th for me.

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You say that but they did just draft Ryley Sanders. Look out for this kid. He was a star last season in the U18’s. Led his Allies squad to their first ever national champs title, named the Larke medalist. Led his Sandy Dragons outfit to the premiership in the Talent League.

He’s a midfielder with a bit of everything. 8/10 across the board, but with elite ability to find the footy. He’s big and has a relatively mature body for an 18 year old, and given the opportunity that seems to be available in the dogs midfield I reckon he’s set for an excellent season.

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Well played…


Excellent point! lol

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Freo want Beveridge if Longmuir dosent take them to finals

A list as talented as the Dogs should not be missing out on finals. The off-season changes to the football department around Beveridge is a shot across the bow for me. Because they’ve done all that, got rid of an assistant coach against Bevo’s wishes in Rohan Smith, some of his power base has been eroded and that means the next casualty will be Bevo himself if they continue to underwhelm in 2024. Don’t think they’re a legit top 4 team. Will be competing for 5th-8th with another 8-10 clubs. If they miss he will get sacked. Will be fascinating to see if they start 3-6 or something like that (haven’t looked at their draw) whether the knives will sharpen and he might go before the mid-season break.


If Blues Had Liam Jones last year, he could have been handy.
Top 5 B&F surprising.

The Bont is a weapon, best player by far, would love him in the red and black.

Bulldogs best 23 from Zero Hanger

FB: Bailey Dale, Liam Jones, Nick Coffield

HB: Caleb Daniel, James O’Donnell, Ed Richards

C: Bailey Smith, Tom Liberatore, Caleb Poulter

HF: Adam Treloar, Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, Bailey Williams

FF: Cody Weightman, Aaron Naughton, Rory Lobb

FO: Tim English, Marcus Bontempelli, Jack Macrae

I/C: Sam Darcy, Ryley Sanders, Jason Johannisen, Anthony Scott

SUB: James Harmes

Harmes should be straight in and midfield run, same with Sanders, mate reckons will comfortably be a good 200 game player.

Bailey Smith is obviously gone for the year, so lets say Harmes replaces him in the 22.

Coffield and Pouter have done well to get on another list and play roles for the dogs.

Backline is workman like.
Midfield still there strength.
Forwardline - has talent, but will be tough to squeeze Lobb, Ugle-Hagan, Naughton and Darcy in the same side.

Prediction: should make finals but could finish anywhere from 6-12th

Every AFL team’s best 23 for the 2024 season: Western Bulldogs - AFL News - Zero Hanger - Page 4

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To me, they will always be the smallest, most irrelevant melbourne based team

They are going nowhere. Bottom 6 imo

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That will always be the shinboners whatever the ■■■■ that is


Their core midfield is still very very good, but if injuries hit they could be in some real trouble


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Loser club