Secret shame


I have no problem at all with my morals; I have none !!


I had a spice girls birthday cake for my 22nd birthday


My sister lent me 3 Gavin and Stacey series DVDs…and I really enjoyed them.

Joanna Page, who played Stacey, was the girl who played Just Judy, as the nude scene body double in Love Actually. Love the Welsh accent.

James Corden was one of the two co-writers and co-stars…lost a few kgs and now hosts a late night show in the US. There are some (deliberately) annoying characters.


She was superb, damn I love that movie


Occasionally you do have good taste, Noonan. No shame for this one.


Was that a Rob Brydon thing?


Yep, and he was awesome.


It was lush.


The very first episode of that show is among the funniest episodes of a sitcom I’ve seen.


I find watching my kids swimming classes very boring.


imagine if it was battleroyale.


They look like human egg beaters in the water


I sometimes don’t let grange breathe for long enough, particularly in my Swiss chalet.

I thought that’s how we were supposed to do this?


Trying not to be too mysoginistic here but I find myself kind of rating the bedraggled caffeine afflicted mums getting a sliver of relief while some half arsed uni student on prac tries to not drown their kids.


If you find Nessa’s thong, post it back to me.

Uncle Bryn’s rape alarm.


Smithy’s reaction when he first meets Nessa is gold.


A fraction hypocritical, seeing he was bigger than Russ Hinze’s undies himself.


I had that this year. Problem was there was no progression at all, no challenge. He knew it too after a few sessions. Finally got him moved up to the next level.


And the F***ing fishing trip


Hmm, it was a long time ago but I remember those kids swimming classes at the Eltham pool.

I often forgot to watch the progress of the kids as those young Mums were just much more interesting. so maybe you need a distraction.