Secret shame


I watch Masterchef.

And enjoy it.


That’s a biggy


At my work, the desk cubicles adjacent to mine are occupied by attractive young female twins.
I’m not ashamed, I just wanted to let people know.


I’m really sorry for you man.
A desk cubicle, sheeesh.


I thought the name implied ensuite.


So when are we doing lunch at your desk?


I’m never really there. I must admit I come in a bit more now the aforementioned seating arrangements have changed.


I still have NFI what the hell “A little crispy one” means.


Why would that be a bad thing?

(I don’t know either.)


I assumed it was because tossers respond with ‘crisp’ to almost anything.


Love G & S. Vanessa. Given the right circumstances, namely anonymity, I’d go there.


I have recently become weirdly enamored of this band…


You need to join the DJ King thread. That stuff is popular there.


I wouldn’t be too ashamed of liking that.

I’m not saying I’d advertise the fact …


I am totally with you. I don’t watch any other reality TV but I love Masterchef.

There’s a reason the Aus version is shown in like 40 countries all over the world - its good.

Come at me haters


You a budding chef? When can we expect to see you on the show?
If you need help with your backstory, I’m sure people in the dj thread can help you out.


It’s the only reality tv I watch, also.

I’ve really enjoyed this season. Normally I have a favourite, but they’re all so likeable this year that I don’t mind who wins.


I watch First Dates. I love it when a ‘new friendship’ appears to be working out then am shattered to discover later that they didn’t reach out to arrange a follow-up date.


Adam Looking For Eve is the go if you like that sort of thing…comes in 4 flavours…Finnish, Dutch, Danish and German.