Secret shame


You people are farkin disgusting.


Nah, just honest dirty old men.


I have seen the Dutch version. It’s an interesting concept…


Finnish best, German wurst.


Reality TV shows “BIG MISNAMER”
Contrived and controlled TV show about nobodies .


I once asked a fellow Blitzer out on a date via PM.
I’m not saying who.


I reckon @JohnRain has you covered :stuck_out_tongue:


What did he do ?
Should I scroll up ?


He is being an idiot. Having a dig at my penchant for the odd PM. :rofl:

p.s. I’ll send more details via PM. :wink:



His PM skills are legendary.


I was flattered but spoken for.


I reckon I could guess.

How was the response?


well theres a mini salami rolling around…


Has anyon ever hooked up via blitz


It’s a “humorous” pejorative term used by white supremist English National Front types to describe people whose skin colour is brown or black. It’s just the sort of ignorant tripe you’d expect from the Footy Show thickoes.


What ? He asked you out too ?


This has me thinking what a Blitz tinder profile would be:

"Must love redheads, 6ft+ and South Australian.
Fond of half-backs, jackets and September holidays.


I have a thing for the chic on the AAMI ads. Am I the only one?


I’ve married four Blitzers, does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:


The Mrs has been watching ■■■■■ Eye (new season)…and I don’t mind it…