Secret shame


At least you seem to use your own account now…


One of my favourite shows right now is a Japanese kids cartoon called Cardfight!! Vanguard. I work as a carer with a fella who is in his 30’s but the mental development age of around 12, he watches it and now I’m into it. I was drunk a fortnight ago and watched a couple episodes at home. The characters grand speeches and diction is hilarious.


So the good stuff is just around the corner then?


Blame Koala! (And a couple of others that don’t post anymore)


Did he get it right?


Can we have an introductions thread. Or at the very least a stalking thread.


Yeah I think you told me about that one…



Such a flirt…


I find myself checking out the female swim teachers at my sons swim class. Some look pretty decent.


Mmmm… such a shame they’ve given her the tijuana apparently…


I did not.

I was way off.


She’s been on every Trivago ad I’ve seen.

Definitely got something about her.


The something about her is that she is breathtakingly beautiful.


For a ladyboy…




Don’t push your own predilections onto others, perce.


The same poster keeps posting ex-Blitzer Storm was a chick - but reckons Trivago bird is a dude


I met Storm. It’d be the ugliest sheila I’ve ever seen if he was. Looks like Herman Munster.


That’s still pretty attractive for a Collingwood supporter