Secret shame


Depends what brand the trakkie daks are.


Kappa slappa


That’s more your soccer girl.


He was getting a hammering on here one day early on when I was a newbie. I tried to show a bit of sympathy by doing a little Britain “the only gay in the village” but he thought I was questioning his preferences.
He left shortly after.
It’s all my fault.


Koala said he was a good bloke and he seemed pretty rational. She also thought this fark Carlton fan, Deej, was OK which caused me to question her judgment . I thought he was a tool.


Consideration number 1 when guesting on other teams forums; it’s another teams forum.


When my kids get party bags, i secretly take out treats and hide them to enjoy when they go to sleep.


Lol, … That’s terrible Muriel …


You’re doing it wrong you know? You should be secretly grabbing one for yourself as well.


No judgement thread!


None of our kids party bags make it that far


‘yes for my… other… kid…’


This is glorious!


But how do they enjoy the treats when they are asleep?


You’ve not heard of Rectal administration then?


Your claim that I “keep posting” that is an outright lie — as you well know, Little Henry. Over in the “The Truth” thread I asked the question, once, “Wasn’t Storm a woman?” because that was seriously claimed around ten years ago — and not by me. Perhaps I should give you some slack here, because it’s well known that you and “The Truth” are strangers…. Nah.

AN10 says he met Storm, and Storm was a man. Fair enough: he met the bloke and he had the decency to answer my question, which is more than you have done, my little man, on both counts. What a piece of work is a Henry…


Who else was saying it the other day then? Must’ve been Shelton, was one of the other fossils.

Either way I’d definitely bang Trivago girl before Storm.


I’d go the other way around.


I’m not going to touch that.


I find Neroli Meadows extremely attractive too (as well as the Trivago girl). Knows her footy, isn’t overbearing about it and has the most stunning eyes.