Secret shame


What? Coupling and Friends? Piffle.

Coupling was a Stephen Moffat thing. Prolific screenwriter.


Press Gang, Coupling, Jekyll, Sherlock, and yes Noonan the dreaded Doctor Who.

He’s done alright.


I can’t get enough of ■■■■■■ reality shows. Bargain Hunt, American Pickers, International House Hunters and even Beverley Hills ■■■■.


P a w n is in the filter?


Coupling is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen. Watched each episode a few times and still laugh at the jokes.


I thought I read the concept (virtually identical) was bought.

Much better show, always hard to swallow American TV shows about hooking up given they’re seemingly petrified of mentioning actually hooking up.


Press Gang!!! That’s a blast from the past.


I think they tried to make an American version of Coupling but it went down like a pork chop at a bar mitzvah. Probably rewrote it as another show about neurotic Jews in Manhattan.


Your thing for Neroli is just a fantasy that you could replace foreplay with footy talk; and then have sexy time whilst still watching the game.


Yeah…and??? Your point being?


Excuse me while I vomit out everything I’ve ever eaten.


You could start a carrot patch


I know it’s the secret shame thread, but I own the Press Gang dvd box set and still think it’s a brilliant show, no shame.


I own it too, and it’s still great.No shame from me!


Ahhhhh Julia.



Then not long afterwards, she played a mid-30s woman in Lark Rise to Candleford, and then Jonathan Creek.


Have you ever seriously such a naturally good looking creature?
Just behind Michelle phieffer in her prime. Just.


And of course Ab Fab.


Look the vulnerable intellectual out cast thing made her so much more accessible it was torture.
You may have picked up a vibe there was an attraction there


That actually was a secret shame.
Feeling things for that character when clearly the actress would be nothing like that at all.

Edit: I bet she got a lot of creepy fanmail.