Secret shame


Yep. They still annoy me in so many ways. But I still watch.


I heard in a “here’s a bit of weird trivia” that the Lisa Kudrow’s character’s twin originally appeared in Mad About You. Hence they’re both set in the same universe.

I don’t know/care if it’s true but that’s weird.

EDIT: and one of them also had a cross over with ER. Which is probably even more weird.


I’ve heard that without the laugh track, they’re just a bunch of horrible people saying mean things to each other.

LMW told me every episode is about sex when she was about eight, which was weird…


So have you and HAP thought of doing a sitcom together… ?


Yep. The creators of How I Met Your Mother made a point of having their characters laugh at each other’s jokes because of this.


I very, very, very, very rarely say mean things about anyone anymore.
Just my stalker.


Life’s more fun when you hang ■■■■ on each other.

Doe could be our amusingly ethnic next door neighbour, always popping over to offer us olives or VL commodores. Noonsy could be the great uncle who dies in the first ep, leaving us the house.

Every ep we’d just hang ■■■■ on each other whenever one of us said something smart.


Oh, cop this


ha - reminds me of this. It stayed up on wiki for about an hour of so. Who knew people read/edit that site…


I’m about to add to the trillions in my swear box, you ■■■-sniffing ■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■.


I’m American.


omgod, I’d forgotten all about that.


Has anyone else noticed that it seems the set of Friends must have been pretty, pretty, pretty cold? I mean, very cold. Every episode.


I used to describe the English show Coupling as like Friends, only funny.

3 men, 3 women, all about 30, all with their foibles, and one couple eventually getting hitched. There was an early episode at a funeral where the three guys mimicked the ReservoirDogs guys, and the incredibly vain and insecure woman copped it from an old sheila. Fourth season was crap because the funniest guy moved on.


Fk yeah. That’s be pi$s funny
That’s a serious comment btw.


Your girlfriend’s mum ‘helped’ you out?

You rapscallion. High five!


One story at a time please


Was it the old popcorn trick?

I bet it was the old popcorn trick.


Correct - stunned it was her popcorn tho


Pretty sure it was a licensed franchise…