SEN Big Essendon Announcement


Please, KIA make fine every day cars these days. You’re seriously overrating Amart, they’re of the same ilk as The Reject Shop, cask wine, vegetable lasagna, The Bulldogs, home brand pizza shapes, Australian free to air TV, Tiger Air, etc etc. ■■■■.


Exactly where every other logo has been for years. TBH I think it fits better than any recent logo I can recall.


Hop back in your BMW and drive home dude, we can only hope, for the sake of the EFC, that Amart, one day in the future, make some decent everyday furniture.


Sponsor Melbourne Storm…who flew back from the GF on damn…can’t remember if it was Virgin or Jetstar.
Not Tiger, anyway.


I had never heard of Amart til now.

If their logo was a smaller it would of been better and I don’t like that it’s on the sash, however once the season starts doubt it will be an issue.

I will be more interested in the game than the logo being to big.


Private school boy like that? Doubt it. Reckon he’s got a chaffeur for that sort of thing.


I’d like to see him go and support Melbourne.

Seems way more compatible with the cheese platter set.


As long as it gets us an armchair ride from the umps.

I’ve just offloaded stuff from Fantastic Furniture. Not disgraceful, but not great either.


Just yet another boring Simpsons reference.

There really should be a new Godwins law for Gen Y’s & boring Simpsons references, fair dinkum.


Great deal by the club. Our ability to retain & improve upon our sponsorships has been a credit to those charged with the commercial ops of the club. I’ve never liked the logo going over the sash but this one IMO is no different to Samsung, True Value Solar or Kia in years past. I actually like that Fujitsu have just incorporated their branding with the sash, such as the jumper this year & in 2016 but I understand the branding is a key part and reality of any commercial partnership in AFL. Anyway, that golf course at Horsham is a cracker! Enjoyed my arvo there today :wink:




I do get a driver to the airport, but that’s because taxi companies are about as reliable as the Melbourne weather and the driver only costs $15 more. Plus the car is nice!


And Boomers saying 'Fair Dinkum".


Hey @barnz - think bsd hijacked your account.


Got wood.


SOS couldn’t get fantastic furniture



Nahhh the furniture isn’t ■■■■ at all!


Like anything the only people who like to go online are those who want to have a whinge. Anyone who is happy aren’t going to do so.

It happens in every industry


Do you honestly believe that having a BMW logo on our jersey would result in more sales? Half of the English Premier League clubs are sponsored by two-bit online casino/betting companies and they sell several hundred thousand shirts each per year, with the sponsor logo being way more prominent than they are on footy jerseys. Who the sponsor is plays fk-all part in the purchasing decisions for 99.999% of fans.

Aside from that, all BMW drivers are ■■■■■. Zero exceptions. It’s a brand association our club can do without tbh.