SEN Big Essendon Announcement


How can anyone sleep in a room with that wallpaper?


Thanks for your thoughts, but the Doe’s live in white walled minimalism.


Scarily so, if I recall correctly.


When you get home from a manic days video manipulation you want a pretty blank space staring back at you. At least that’s what my gf tells me.


Now there is a man who practices what he preaches. Can’t accuse him of being fake.


My position is, i never like any advertising on our jumper at all, and Amart is cheap crap furniture to be associated with, but you know, we can do away with having all these different sponsors and their different shaped logos desecrating on our sash forever…and here’s how.

Yes, the AFL hierarchy are a bunch of ■■■■■■■■,but i think the logo is a good one…If we have the Sash going over the right shoulder instead, then the AFL logo would be on the sash every year, and the sponsors would always be on the other side in the black.

This is just a suggestion and lateral thinking in order to solve this issue, and its what i would prefer.


So you want to reverse the sash? What is this?


Only just occurred to me… We had that big palava about the droopy sash, Benzina single handedly proved that it was supposed to be straight, wrote to the club and had it changed, and within a few years we’re back to the droop. What’s the deal?


Mate no offence, but can’t you tell the difference between the 09-10 jumper and now. This aint no droop, its been ■■■■■■ seriously tightened, they just over-corrected the first time. This sash we have now is what i was always talking about. Do i have to post side by side pictures again?

And on the right shouldered sash scenario, we would also be different to Richmond.


I agree, at least it makes an effort to not plaster itself over the sash and becomes a part of it.


It is not an entirely new idea:

At least one of our 1897 premiership team was on the same wavelength.

(or had his jumper on backwards - no numbers in those days)


Great pic.


That’s the thing I hate. Logos on the jumper I can live with. Logos on top of the sash I can live with. Logos that are integrated as if part of the sash… no no ■■■■■■■ no.


Wait wot?

I thought you were talking about switching the fkn logos, … You cannot be serious about altering the sash!!

Actually thought swapping the Logos around wasn’t a bad idea though, … except that would mean the fkn AFL would be atop the sash forevermore, … and I’m not sure how many would be happy about that.


Not altering, just going over the right shoulder to left hip instead…but the sash stays exactly the same. If they did it without saying anything, i’d bet most people wouldn’t notice the difference, except for the AFL logo sitting on it, and when we play Richmond.
The AFL logo for all clubs sits on the right, so we would have that on it every year, instead of sponsors different logos.


That’s not just altering my friend, that’s redefining. Can’t believe that someone that went to such lengths over a little extra droop, could contemplate such a thing.

Sorry, but … No way.

Surely the much more logical thing to do to achieve the same result, … is just swap the Logos around.


i thought of that, but i’m not sure the AFL would approve of us breaking there tradition of all clubs having there logo on the right. I’d say its in there stupid rule book.


Could put “GRAN SALE” on the back, and “Megalo” on the front.


We have social media now. Complainers have a vehicle to voice their constant disappointment.


Who are you and what have you done with Benzina?