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Don’t think we ever have had a separate thread for the leagues around Europe, it all seems to merge into the PL thread, so thought we should start one up.

Very much looking like the Ronaldo to Juve deal is going to happen. Unbelievable!!

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So that would possibly make it more likely that Gareth Bale would stay. If he doesn’t, I hope he returns to Spurs.

Is Antoine Griezmann still moving from Atlético to Barça?

CR7 Oh baby

*may not actually happen

Griezmann is staying at Atletico. He announced it via a ‘The Decision’ video similar to Lebron James.

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Massive for Italian football and as a Juve fan I’m pretty damn excited

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Unbelievable. Real paid about £80 million for Ronaldo. He scores 450 odd goals in 9 years and at 33, they sell him for £99 million.

No doubt he’ll keep scoring goals for Juve, for a good few years, but Real have made out like bandits.


He is a gun as much as I have not particularly loved him, I will be genuinely interested to see how he goes in Serie A. He will either keep his form or drop off quickly. I think he will keep his form for a while, he is a freak.


The first trade would’ve been 500m in today’s climate.

Ronaldo is what happens when you have talent and an inhuman desire to train and better yourself.

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Van Basten had been smashed by defenders because it was the time you could legally go through the back of a player to get the ball.

What’s the Juve team like?

Are they in a position to build a CL team around him, or is this more a retirement fund gig.

They made the final in 2015 & 2017 and usually make it to the knockout stages. They were unlucky to lose to Real this season. They’ve won the double for the past 4 consecutive seasons.

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Has anyone won the CL from 3 different leagues. If he wins one with Juve he’d be moving into GOAT territory.

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The way he takes care of himself he is a young 30(?) or however old he is. Can easily see him play another 4-5 years of top level football before he inevitably ends his career in the USA. It’s a big coup for Juve, but leaves a lot of questions for Real in terms of losing such a high profile player and who they bring in to fill that void as their talisman…


Seedoorf has won the CL with 3 different clubs. He is already in the GOAT discussion but helping Juve to achieve their holy grail would be something special.

Brilliant side. He ain’t there for a holiday, Juve are one of the fittest and hardest trained squads in world football. Recruited well again this year and still hopefully another couple are brought in this window.


This, Juve have a very hardened and talented squad. They’ve won the last 7 serie a titles in a row