She has retired

The Age’s exceptional and much-loved chief football writer, Caroline Wilson, is stepping down from the role she has performed so expertly for the past 19 years.

Wilson, a true legend of Australian journalism, will remain with The Age as a regular AFL columnist and as a panellist on the Real Footy podcast, but said the time was right for her to reduce her workload.

Multi-award winning journalist Jake Niall will rejoin The Age as chief football writer in the new year.

“It’s been a great privilege to have spent the past two decades covering the greatest sport in the world at one of the world’s best newspapers,” Wilson said.

"Although this is a melancholy day for me I’m so happy to be continuing as a contributor to The Age. Writing a weekly column during the football season and being involved with the podcast is the ideal transition for me to do other things and I’m so proud to be handing over the baton to my great friend and long-time colleague Jake Niall.

“Jake was the perfect successor and I know The Age will continue to set the agenda with its unique perspective and independent coverage of Australian Rules football.”

Wilson has won two Walkleys, the Graham Perkin Australian Journalist of the Year award and the Harry Gordon prize as the Australian Sports Journalist of the Year. She has won multiple AFL media awards including the prestigious Alf Brown trophy. She was the first woman to be inducted into the MCG Media Hall of Fame and was honoured by the Australian Sports Commission with a lifetime achievement award.

“Caro is undoubtedly one of the top reporters in Australia,” said The Age’s editor Alex Lavelle.

“She would excel in any area of journalism, anywhere in the world. Fortunately for us, and our readers, she has been The Age’s chief football writer for close to two decades. Her work ethic, energy and professionalism has never wavered. I look forward to continue working with her at The Age, and welcome Jake Niall back to be our chief football writer.”

Niall worked at The Age for 20 years before moving to Fox Sports almost two years ago. He, too, is a Walkley winner, a proven newsbreaker and expert analyst who is one of the most respected voices on football.

“Jake will bring his own flair, passion and expertise to the role,” Lavelle said.

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I for one will miss he un-biased opinions


“…and I know The Age will continue to set the agenda with its unique perspective and independent coverage of Australian Rules Football.”

She most certainly knows how to ‘set an agenda with her unique perspective on the game’.


Announced the day of the Essendon AGM, when we have an appointed directors slot to fill, hmmmmm. Coincidence I think not.

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Probably bad news, as like other rats deserting ( or being encouraged to leave ) the sinking newspaper ships she will be trying to get air time on alternative media platforms. Imagine guest spots as “best in the business” on TFS, pre-game panelist on Friday/Saturday night footy. Maybe even special comments / breaking news on Footy Sunday programs.

Argh. No No NO.

Independent coverage LOL


Footballs leading lady.

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So she is going to keep writing and appearing on shows but she has retired?

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ran out of targets?

James Brayshaw is out of the game.

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Or has the job simply become too hard when she isn’t being fed multiple stories a week by the AFL and she actually has to do some ■■■■■■■ work?

Maybe the new Chief Footy Writer for The Age will actually attend and watch games of footy, instead of leaving before the game has even started.


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