Ship happens

So, someone’s had a bit of an oopsie and grounded a truly massive bulk container ship in the Suez Canal, which is now completely blocked. Thread:

This has the potential to make a really big mess if it can’t get fixed up quickly. A huge amount of international trade goes through the Canal, and the queue is getting very, very big. And shifting the thing isn’t going to be easy, it’s 400m long and displaces nearly a quarter of a million tons. This has been ongoing for something like a day and as far as i can tell, the ship hasn’t budged a millimetre. Some navigator or canal pilot is NOT getting a Christmas bonus this year…

You can follow the ship (and the horde of tugs futilely trying to shift it) in realtime here…




Prune juice. Gallons of it.

Always helps my blockages.


Ship spot for a 3 point turn.


How on earth does that even happen?

Something you’d expect to see make the rounds on April 1

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someone posted that they were trying to make a slight course correction, then lost power to the rudder. When they got power back it was too late

Looks like our kick out strategy


Famous last words right there

haha yes, very true

I’m pretty sure our supplements program was also a slight course correction too

Kind of like my ex workmate who said he was doing some “fine” work on the drop saw. It cost him two fingers.

Can’t be - not coming back quickly.


…imagine the sinking feeling of the captain as he loses power to the rudder.

That’s a bad day.

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Forgive my cynicism, but any chance this wasn’t an accident?

This is like a plot to the lamest James Bond film ever!

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This is why you shouldn’t be checking facebook and tweeting while driving

Or blitz.

How much did NAB lie to us?

Leave the ship in the harbour.