Should I buy a pool?

So I’m considering getting a pool whilst the kids are still young, but wanted to get opinions off people that have a pool first?

So to set the scene, I live in Melbourne about 1 km from the beach and have a big North facing back yard with lots of lawn, so am looking at getting a 10m x 4m fiberglass pool. I’m expecting cost will be around $70k+.

So before I invest all this money, can I get people’s opinions on the following.

  • Maintenance cost per annum?
  • Maintenance effort?
  • Melbourne weather and whether you get use out of the pool?

Is there anything else that I should consider before buying one?

I don’t own a pool but yes you should.


End of discussion, go to the beach instead


Go for a nice spa instead! Less earthworks, kids enjoy it, can have evening beers with the partner and overall less maintenence! As your kids get older, a spa might appeal more too. In the m3an time make friends with pool neighbours!!


We’ve got a pool at our holiday house about 7 years ago. Kids lost interest after a while so we got a spa which they use all the time.

We are currently trying to sell the house and the pool is a major hindrance.

In saying that if I had one at home that also functioned as a lap pool I would consider it. Would have been heaven during lockdown.

The other thing is do you like your neighbours? Cos they will be knocking on your door all the time.

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:thinking: I give up. Should you?

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Dan won’t let us.

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Yes, I’ll bring beer’s.

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Thanks. I actually would only consider getting a pool because with my bad knees I could do some laps to keep fit.

Interesting that the pool is hindering the sale of the house. I guess people either really want pools or really don’t.

The only pool you’ll ever need.


Alright, everybody in the pool!


Not true. My dogs keep chewing them up.

70 grand?

That’s a lifetime of pool passes at your local council pool and no maintenance.

Get the kids a trampoline or something and spend the money on a new bathroom/kitchen/extension or upgrade the car.


You see, the pool will pay itself off.


Spa with turbo jet to swim against. :+1:

Just one type, there’s many,… but this one you can take with you if you want.


People generally like a Spa when it comes to resale, . Pools are expensive to build, run and heat and high maintenance etc.


Yeah, but I don’t want to drive to get to the pool. I want to strip down and jump straight in.

I charge $69,993 in consulting fees :joy:


Not much pro pools going on in this place!

You just saved me $69,993 :rofl:

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You could get Vanders over to build it.

Would be worth 70K do sit and drink beers and listen to him tell story’s.