Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 1, May 2019)

wtf is happening?

When did blitzers start telling other blitzers they HAVE to be a member of the club, to buy a membership.

Jesus ■■■■■■■ christ what this club has become.

cult mentality


The genuine lolz if you think this is the reason why people are fed up with the constant rubbish this club dishes up.

Happy clapping like your posts have been doing “oh we made the finals” forms part of every thing wrong with this club. Great we made the finals with a % of 91.3 and got dicked in an elimation final by 13 goals.

We have been on the same rinse and repeat cycle for 16 ■■■■■■■ years and what? we’re supposed to sit here and happy clap and “Bak Da Boiz”

Na ■■■■ off. Want things to change? Then stop giving the club money, no more memberships, no more frantically going online and buying the bombershops latest throwback jumper.

Stop this happy clapping bull ■■■■ like oh but we made the finals last season. That embraces the mediocrity this club has thrived on for 16 years.


Lol at calling @Stallion fair weather.

But yeah “bak da boiz” and keep happy clapping like a well trained seal


It’s just football people. Chill out. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs a reality check, some perspective and more things going on in their life. Get a new hobbie or something.


Yep much tougher to make broad generalist statements on an internet forum

Like I said, heart soul & mind.

Apart from mildly amusing, cynical cliched jabs …
What is your point.

That ■■■■ like you’ve posted is one of the very points this thread makes.

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My kids are teenagers. They have never known Essendon to be a good team and they pretty much ignore footy as a result. They officially “barrack” for the club but have no interest in going to games or even watching on tv. They only take a passing interest.

I still hold hope that will change, but given the state of the club, I’m not holding my breath.


I think i’ll pass on the pearl necklace.


Well I don’t recall saying I was cancelling my membership, I was merely defending people’s rights to demonstrate there distrust and no confidence in the current regime, that doesn’t mean they love the club any less than you and I.





No no no no, its possible but we’ll do it by scraping into 8th on a weak draw going interstate week 1 and embarrassing ourselves again.

This is true. Then we won’t make finals in 2022 to go with our other poor record of not making consecutive finals series.

Yeah I mean if you’re OK with seeing a number of young guys go backwards. Multiple games where we just capitulated with no effort. An embarassing gameplan where we are easily bypassed by the opposition. Multiple of our top players hurt and out of shape yet again. Electing a relic bard member who was in charge of governance during the saga to run the joint. And to top it off we have Joe, Saad and Fantasia seemingly headed for the exits. I mean other than that it was wonderful.

Nice words. Easy words.

Do you love it enough though?

Do you want what’s best for the club? Do you know or care what that is?

You question my commitment… I would counter that apathy and acceptance is a massive part of the problem and you are complicit.


Knowing a Blue player at the time, I think he learned from it though, they often thought the game day plans were a bit simple and one dimensional. Got to read it one day and I would agree. Absolutely no issue in wanting to play hard for the bloke, taking care of them etc. I’d say he took that L and became a stronger coach for the next job.

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We never looked the same after stringer went down in the pies game. The following week we made hard work of a very ordinary roos side. Then got belted by Footscray, made very hard work of the crows (really should have lost) and then got shredded by Brisbane.

We had some moments of competitiveness, a quarter against gws, bits and pieces against gc, Eagles tigers, but really I struggle to point to one compelling 4 quarter display for the entire year. Even the pies game we missed half the first and half the last.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking the umps ruined our year. Nothing could be further from the truth.


It’s a measure of your toughness haven’t you read :slight_smile:

If we got to the ball first, hit our targets umpires would be a non factor…one can only hope