Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 1, May 2019)

Bunch of relatively new and usually quiet posters telling us all to recommit to the club?

Membership department must have a bit of free time


Hope you’re happy with mediocrity then

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I guess I should clarify that I’m excited by this year as it is a forced rebuild rather than additions like last few years. I want them to pass on joe, move on others and get some youth into the team.

I think we made progress this year, and I’m usually a staunch critic. But the issue is we expect top 8 every year cause our dipshit leaders like Campbell insinuate that.
Shouldve just told us all that we are building for 2 to 3 years


:joy: you think we are going to rebuild

We are going to bring in Jasper Shittard and Brad Crouch and you’re going to love it.

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ironically apt name I reckon, he’s definitely suffering from that syndrome :rofl: :rofl:


Missed these, I’m not following these threads very closely ATM, burnt out.

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I liked all of it up until “Daniher, Fantasia & Saad all more likely to leave than stay”.


Leading into the 150 year celebrations … SURE we’ll have a rebuild


The team played the whole season like they don’t give a ■■■■. Bar a couple of gems. Why should we present to games if they can’t be bothered doing so, dispute being given half a million dollars a year to entice them?

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I don’t have an opinion on any of the who’s leaving stuff.
Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.
What I do have an opinion on is whether the football media has a vested interest in creating the impression that the trade period will be very active.


I’m a 27 yr member with seats but for next year I reckon at best I’ll downgrade a level.

Kids used to come with me but our ineptness has seen there interest levels evaporate. They don’t believe me when I tell them we used to be great.

The club is in big trouble next yr if the members aren’t given some hope that we’re building again and if the pandemic isn’t under control and we still can’t go, why would anyone questioning a membership purchase join up?


Very true. I’m not quite sure that’s Lloyd’s MO and he was talking as though he had some inside intel, but who knows.

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Many of us sensed exactly that. The club can continuing denying as much as it likes, the damaged cannot be undone. And as Bomber Thompson and others have said, until the last person leaves who was associated with the supplements saga leaves the club, the aura will remain no matter how much covering up and wallpapering over the cracks is done.

Thanks Marty Gleeson many of us had an inkling.

It’s rebuild or more of the same unfortunately. If there are a group of players that are so sensitive that they can’t hack being criticised then move them on. If the culture of the club has to change then they have to start with a new generation of players and a new mindset. Unfortunately this will not be a quick fix :slightly_frowning_face: And furthermore is Rutten the right man for the job? Not clear to me that he is.


Lah, lah,lalalalalala just because he said, doesn’t mean it will happen.

Absolutely they do but i don’t think Lloydy falls into that category.

He isn’t really that sort of media guy who sensationalizes stuff for the clicks imo although he is happy enough to make big statements.

I will also fess up to being pretty biased when it comes to him so maybe i am off the mark.

I’m biased against him, but I will concede that point unreservedly.
He’s no Tom Browne.


Daniher and Fantasia already wanted out for different reasons so whatever, but IF true, Saad wanting to go due to concerns over the direction of the club is a huge indictment. Especially given he requested a trade to the club only a few years ago and has seemingly liked it there. Sht has gone belly-up this past month and the executive are cowering in a cave somewhere with seemingly no idea what to do.


I’m positive @HolyGrail and @JasonStockholm00 are club accounts…they have to be