Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 1, May 2019)

It’s all going according to plan, says the club.

“Nothing to worry about here. Just pay your memberships, and we’ll take care of the rest. Then we’ll be in touch with you in 12 months time, with more media spin and faux excitement packages.“

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Don’t forget Carrotsalad


and cheap chinese furniture deals.


Where is that coming from?

If it’s via the media then it’s mixed messaging as they are also saying he wants a 5 year contract to stay and we are only offering 4.

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No doubt at all. They would be sitting around twiddling their thumbs at the moment.

Lloyd is clearly frustrated - he’s normally not that pointed about the club.

I thought Cara was brought in to do the offence, after Rutten came in at the end of 2018 to do the defence.

Both have gone backwards terribly this year, but those clips of the defence are horrible. It’s been that way all year.

On TBell, if he is not injured and wanted to play a farewell game they should have given him one. From a culture point of view it’s important to respect your retiring players. Treating him like that has upset Hooker and Hurley and most likely others as well. If we want players to buy in to the game plan and the new direction then this doesn’t help

A farewell game is not a cultural thing. Playing a player thats not best 22 is the sort of thing that has put the club where it is today…TBC has milked the club for plenty, that should be more than enough to keep him happy in retirement


The clubs annual plan:

  • November: "New exciting additons are the last piece we need, get on board’
  • Feb, March: “This group can go all the way, get on board”
  • Approximately round 8: “They’re still learning and gelling, we’re building”
  • Approximately round 15: “We’ve been unlucky… the boys are really starting to learn the new game plan”
  • Approximately round 20: “The boys have had a tough and unlucky year but have been learning a new game plan, and watch out by the end of next preseason, get onboard”
  • End of season: “It’s all just media rumours of star players wanting out, they’re just having coffees with old mates”

Rinse. Repeat.


I don’t see any learnings in there mate.
Only learning.

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At this point I would almost be happy to bring back knights just so he can nuke the list again so we are forced to start all over.

And if they are they’re clearly part of the problem. Because coming on to a fan site and berating people for not signing up is hardly going to win friends and influence people.
Just another indicator that there is something seriously wrong with the club.


The defence wasn’t that bad in preseason and the first five games.

Rutten is on the right track withthe defensive restructure… and with Hook and Hurl on the way out, there’s no better time than now to start again.

But when your midfield is as weak as it is, and no one recruited KPP defenders to fill in the 10 yr gap between Hooker and Zerk, Hurls and Ridley, it’s only human for defenders to drop their level of effort and concentration mid-season and feel disillusioned by the football department’s decisions to that point.

There’s stuff-all trust between the players and the old regime. I’m hoping that Truck and Cara can reverse the damage amongst the younger cohort. The damage already appears to be terminal with Daniher, Saad and Fant.

This year’s debacle was always on the cards because of the five years of poor recruitment, trading, system planning and implementation preceding it.


Remember the last game of 1990 when the four Danihers played together


I think some are missing the point here. Umpiress are generally annoying; but, they are rarely the problem. My point on the Richmond game was the total lack of support to the playing group, and arguably more importantly, the supporters.
It seems some of the people here have been lucky enough to have strong supportive employers all of their lives; Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When employees feel they have no support from above it is very easy to go into a downward spiral. The longer the lack of support the harder to reverse the spiral.


I’d love to have a candid off the record chat with him about where he see the club at. He was here when we were great, has gone elsewhere & been part of other great teams & even been part of a side who has rapidly gone from nothing to premiers so he would have to be one of the best possible people to judge how far the club is away from that standard. I’d also love to know his true thoughts & feeling about Rutten & his plans.


He left Brisbane and then went and played for Collingwood. Is that where he injured his neck and retired from playing and became a coach.

Good example, culture matters.

Yeah, so he would have also learnt how to tank (2005).

Barret claiming that Dodoros job is under threat?

“Adrian (Dodoro), who has been there a very long time, is under constant pressure given they haven’t won a final since 2004. There will be discussions around that.

That is Barret making that claim, not Lloyd.

Praying he’s correct.