Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 1, May 2019)

Well you can also do what I have done in the past; drink too much at a Presidents lunch and tell the President what he is doing wrong, or tell a player to stop laughing.

Only one of those is unacceptable.


If we are going to make whole sweep changes then Dodoro should be moved on as well.

Is this a poem?

Even if we are just making 1 change he should be sacked.


There not going to move Dodoro on before the trade/draft period there’s not enough time.

Maybe for next year, but you can’t do it weeks out from their most important time if the year plus all the contracts of our existing guys.

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It’s quite amazing that every one around him gets sacked or moved on. The bloke has survived at least 5 coaching changes

Yup, and I expect they’ll move him around within the org away from recruitment responsibilities with some other role, seems the path they started with his last promotion, this way he doesn’t add to our retention woes

Possibly there’s something in that…

Anyone got a spare anchor with a long chain.

Stockholm syndrome.

The club has done nothing for years to warrant me being a client (their terminology, not mine).

Refusing to financially reward a badly run company is nothing to do with holding the team close to your heart.


It’s a point that is worth making.
The administration of the club is not the club.
And it’s certainly not the football team.
It suits them to paint themselves as the same thing, sometimes.

You can be unsatisfied with all three, of course.


I admit that’s the most likely scenario but is it the smartest one?

If we have decided he’s no good and we will replace him after the draft, why would you trust someone you’ve decided is no good to bring in the future talent to the club?

It’s possible IF we have decided to replace him we have spoken to someone already. It’s certainly a current Essendon thing to do and to just grab a name out of thin air Silvagne could step in reasonable easily if it was required.

Which I can do without propping up a failed executive and administration.

Your points; each of them; are invalid.


I read it last week. No idea where it’s coming from or if it’s true. Probably not knowing AFL media.

Yeah but injuries

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Rutten did acknowledge that we have to/need to get better in all areas so hopefully we see a difference next season

A player exodus. How the ■■■■ did we get into this bad position again?

Will be gutting to lose both Daniher and Saad.

Hooker and Hurley - they are probably cooked so I can understand.

Fantasia - we’re not going to get a good pick for him at all this year. Do we trade him for a round 3 pick? And wish him well?

Is Shaw still involved in any capacity at the club and if not is there a role for him?
I still rate his knowledge and expertise


If he asks to be traded, then yes he will.