Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 1, May 2019)

We’ve trusted him for 20 years so I doubt that trust is suddenly zero. We might want change which is fair enough after 20 years.

I think getting rid of him now would create too much risk and likely lead to big stuff ups. Just think about the contracting with the current list. You have to understand the salary cap position, each contract, have multiple meetings with managers and negotiate. You can’t get your head around that in days or weeks which is what’s required. The upcoming month would be Dodoros busiest time of year.

If we make the change it has to be in the off-season to give the new person 12 months to plan.

I’ve been a member for 23 straight years, as I couldn’t afford one in 1998 due to me prioritising my MCC membership as there were not cheaper 5 or 3 game alternatives back then, and the last melbourne based game I missed attending was also in 98. I’d make an effort to attend at least one interstate match a year but gave that up considering how embarrassing we are on the road.

While I would never cancel my membership, or the ones of my neices/nephew I’ve paid for since they were born, I can fully understand those who would for whatever reason. Likewise I can understand people just not showing up to games, as some people just don’t have the tolerance for ■■■■ football. You’ll understand once you have a family/mortgage etc that football is not the be all and end all of life to everyone.


Mate how about you mind your own ■■■■■■■ business and stop lecturing other people about membership decisions. You’re the biggest nuffy in this thread.


There are a few others that are close, but yep, he is the winner


I’m signing on. My right too. I’ve always been you support the club through ■■■■ times and good times.


Me too. It’s not dependent on performance or who the coach is or who the CEO is or what their plans are. I don’t base it on entertainment value.

Members that choose not to renew will send a message to the club as is their right. Doesn’t mean they are less of a supporter, just that they base this support on different things.

Just as those, like me, who continue as members are not ‘part of the problem’. You can choose to buy a membership and still be unhappy about things.

Unfortunately for all clubs, and particularly Melbourne clubs next year, less disposable income may result in a lot of people not prioritising footy m’ships. Poorly performing clubs will pay a greater price.


I’ll renew but i might downgrade my membership especially if 2021 is still a compromised season.

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For me, it’s not the same club. It doesn’t stand for the same principles of why I started supporting them as a kid.

I’ve slowly watched the club turn from my club I grew up with, to a club that values corporate dollars, using the supporter’s passion And emotion for the club via advertising so you to sign up each year, less interest in football success, Football related excuses, a lack of communication, And a lack of standards.

The only thing I see that resembles the club is the jumper, and we still have to watch us playing in a non-Essendon jumper For away Matches (which is just red).

Until they can show me that they care about the history of the club (and not in a way to sell merch) and do some serious soul searching about what this club has/does/ will stands for… I’m not going to be a member.


I am going to renew ours too… whether a person decides to drop membership or not is their business. Just as some are annoyed at being criticised for not renewing - I don’t like being told by some that keeping membership is weak. Nobody’s business but mine if I choose to renew.


I want a divorce


It just looks like one…

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This club is so crap that it can’t even get GC to beat the Hawks so we can get a better pick!


That sums up every Club. Even the Kangas and Doggies screw the last dollar form their supporters.


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Classic deflection to say that former Essendon players are trying to remain relevant.

Maybe have a listen to them, Dys. You’re the one supposedly setting the standards.


You can criticise people for having a crack at you… and say “they Just want be relevant”… unfortunately for Dyson, the club isn’t relevant.

The problem is, that majority of people who are past players or the supporters… who are criticising the club, they want the club to be successful again. If the club is going to get annoyed about that there is some serious problems.


Do you really expect Heppell to just lie down and get walked over? Of course he’s going to defend his position when asked- he’s proud man and leader of the football club.

If he had yeah-nahd it- people would have immediately jumped on him for being ‘too nice’.


There is a difference between getting walked over, and acknowledging that some of the criticism is warranted.

They haven’t performed. That is a fact. It’s delusional if leaders at the club don’t think criticism isn’t Deserved.


Mate your delusional if you think the Captain of the footy club is going to validate comments made by the media… any media, especially on offield matters


if only they as staunched defended their patch of grass.

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