Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 3, August 2022)

Fark you Brisbane you farking cheats knocked us off our perch we could have won another 3 flags with that team.

No, I don’t think so.

The wheels fell off real fast after 2001.


Forgot about the salary cap issue we had losing Hardwick,Carracella,Moorcorft etc farked us too

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Oh the irony.

Of course people can choose to spend their money however they want.

What is annoying is them getting on their insufferable high-horse and bleating about some contrived reason to justify it.

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The best teams have dynasties and we really should have had at least one more flag in that period but it wasn’t to be


We should have gotten more out of 1993 and 2000.
Such is life.

West Coast would be saying the same of their 2006 team, Port of their 2004 team, Geelong were saying the same of their 1990s teams and so on.
Premierships don’t come easy.

Of course they don’t come easy but that’s what separates the good sides from the elite sides and why the ones that win multiple flags go down as legends and are held in higher regard.
It wasn’t to be unfortunately and it doesn’t look like we are getting back there anytime soon


We should have won in '99, we did win in 2000 and, had we not dozed off against Norf and had to come back so far, we may have won in 2001. But, we didn’t.
It’s been downhill a lot since then. Let’s hope 2024 is the start of another era!

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Sorry but that boat has sailed. Over on the ‘Training’ thread some of the lads have already been caught boozing.:smile:

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couldn’t agree more…
makes me feel guilty being a member , despite not having gone to a game for years…
everyone can do what they like but i hate hearing
people get on pedestals saying i’m not going to be a member till such and such is gone!

I became a member in 1978 till 1982 then couldn’t afford it till 2010 and it’s only because I can afford it that i choose membership

like many i’ve been hurt by the ■■■■ performances of the club for the past twenty years but i reckon every single person on this forum is a committed supporter member or nor


I’m sure other clubs used our list management during that period as an example of what not to do when your on the verge of a dynasty.

“Remember what happened at Essendon, well we need you to take a pay cut so we can keep the list together”


Julie Anderton…general warehousing in the warehouse

I doubt any of our team would get through to the end.

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Yep. Probably only last a day or 2.

We are heading to Melbourne territory since 1964 IMO. Maybe something will happen like a huge meteorite, so it won’t matter.
I have had too much wine.

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Your post makes no sense.

So people can spend their money however they want, yet when they do just that, any reason they provide to justify it is contrived?


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I think you’ll find it’s generally the older generation that are of that thinking( generally those 50 years and over) They are still stuck in the thinking from the 80’s and prior when it was a semi professional sport that relied way more on support from members.

a few people use it as a badge of honour to justify they are better supporters than others, cos they will continue to throw money at such a poorly run non for profit organisation, like somehow they are a magical plaque at the end of the year that grants them all these special powers.


My son and i (hes 24 for the record) got our 8 game nembership “pack” yesterday. Thats a bumpersticker and the card plus 8 games each for about 500 bucks. Oh there was a message from the skipper saying thanks printed on the inside of the envelope, so i guess they do care.

Back in the 80’s my Dad was paying 300 wallabies a year to be a member of the football/social club with the benefit of standing in the “pigpen” on the wing at windy hill.
When you convert that to modern dollars thats a horrendous amount of money. The club has been charging like wounded bulls for decades.

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