Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 3, August 2022)

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How long until part 4?

Cue some clapper trying to pump up the “lid off” thread

Lid off.


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I love how the process of appointing Truck a couple of years back was: “Sean Wellman and Xavier went and looked around, talked to people and came back with a recommendation.”

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I appreciate the sarcasm lol :slight_smile:

Lid has never been more securely on… we are at the lowest eb the club has ever been IMO. I don’t expect us to win a final for a decade and flag for 15-20 years… I’m not joking it will take that long and only probably happen because we get lucky and some ones in generation kids will land at our feet.

You want a comparison. Essendon like is the state LNP in QLD… (dont mistake that for the Federal LNP that wins seats in QLD). I guess even LNP in VIC would also be a good comparison and about the same timeline since Jeff ruled

About 8 hours

Even on North Melbourne’s biggest day for 25 years, Essendon is the headline and online social media trend.

I was right


They still probably don’t care.
They have a glimmer of hope for the first time in a long time.

But yes, we demand clicks so the media love a bombers story, especially one to bash us, which we currently deserve.

It proves how much of a basket case that we are.

Well this one 101 in exactly how not to stage a coup so of course we’re getting smashed for it.

It’s quite embarrassing really.

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Oh this is funny… but hurts as its true lol

I’m calling it again.

Sean Murphy will be the scapegoat.

This will all be his fault.

We didn’t perform to the level expected because we weren’t prepared physically for it.

And he will be an easy target to blame for the on field disappointment.


To be fair I can’t remember a club ****** the bed like this before. This is Kathleen Kennedy levels of ****** the bed. But she did it deliberately we are just stupid

It’s amazing how this has played out.

It’s almost like we just arrogantly thought because we rang that he’d drop everything.

Forgetting he actually has a playing connection with North and North a connection to Tassie.

Management is rooted. But we’re still just an off field clean out + a couple of tweaks around the list from being a young exciting team.

I mean we’ll get smashed this week, and then we go away and try to get better. There is a world where we’re playing finals next year and the new coach looks like a genius, and all that they’ve done is keep the hangers on and boosters away from the business of the team.

I hope we get smashed this week.
Actually I’m not fussed.

What I really hope is 2MP plays an excellent selfless decoy role and we set up Hurls for a bag. That’s the only outcome that is desirable. Not even fussed on a win. Holds no weight.


As an aside, that alt strip for stkilda is dope and should be their permanent.

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(And we’re getting smashed and I don’t care. Will probably be more annoyed if we win, as it’s just another time of picking and choosing when to bring it)