Something seriously wrong with the club (Part 3, August 2022)

Who wants to be a franchise caravan park anyway.

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I reduced mine to a basic membership and got a bumper sticker from them. Very uninspiring.

You do not have to be a Member to commit or contribute. Supporting a footy club is a personal thing and whether you are a fanatic or just a passive supporter, it is the same.

However Davo, without the people who throw in the big bucks, Bombers would not have the Hangar and would be a long way in the red. So while in theory footy is a socialist activity, all equal etc, in practice we may not have a Team if those player sponsors and coteries didn’t exist.


We still averaged the 4th highest crowd average in 2023 despite the teams above us all making finals and having the mcg as their home ground, wouldnt rule us out of big 4 just yet

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I’m a little late to the party here, just catching up on posts now.

But seeing all of these posts about people cancelling memberships and then posters getting on their insufferable high-horse about why that’s wrong, implying that each supporter has some sort of obligation to support the club financially - it really makes me angry.

It is the choice of every person how they spend their money and I don’t blame anyone at all for giving up on being a member given what the club has served up the last 2 decades. I myself finally decided to make the decision until dodo is gone and I stand by that.

The club is not entitled to memberships, it is that simple. They need to earn them and they need to farking realise that. And before anyone says, this doesn’t mean them being successful every year, that’s obviously not possible. But it does mean that they are seen to make an attempt to be the best they can be and I am not at all convinced they are doing that.


Not sure if it’s renewed members or ones from last season…
But the club is holding a ‘Member Fest’ where you get to go to the Hangar, meet players, etc. and watch a training session.
It’s not amazing, but it’s a start.
Hopefully they keep trying to engage with members and more importantly, give members the opportunity to engage back.

If you love the coteries so much WHY DON’T YOU MARRY THEM!!!


They lurk on here coteries

Name names.

Don’t know any names


Seem like a Big 4 club to me in this clip.


That game was where we announced that we were going to win the flag that year. And we did.

But it’s been steadily downhill since then.


Longs goal was the first ever kicked at Marvel?


Guess so. I was there but I don’t remember that. We won by 96 points and I was disappointed it wasn’t 100.

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A year later this also at Marvel man i miss when we were the best

edit - I ordered this game via Name A Game back in the day still have the DVD :joy:


The NAB Grand Final against North was when it was announced. Everything after that was just waiting for a final against Carlton to arrive.

Everything went ‘steadily downhill’ after the comeback win against North in 2001. After that, the group had achieved everything a group could possibly have wished to achieve and we weren’t willing to work harder than the opposition consistently from that point on.


Yeah agree took a massive toll on the team. 69 points not sure that margin has been broken.

iirc the comeback was so unreal that ch7 had a replay of the match lols

Also have the comeback game on dvd you are able to chose 3AW or SEN commentary. Craig Hutchinson and Clinton Grybass commentating

Apart from multiple flags of course.


And we consistently haven’t ever since.

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Why stop there? A flag every season should have been the minimum.
Must HoLd HiGh StAnDaRdS.