Songs that need to be heard from Artists you gave up on

Feel like this could be fun.

If anyone has One track (not a bundle) from Radiohead that rivals anything from OK, Kid, Amnesiac…

Point is, I haven’t heard one.
Maybe you have.
This thread (if it ever gets off the ground) is about Great tracks from established artists After people got bored with them.

Blank Space, Taytay.

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Feel like The Eels might have some nominations…

Edit: in fact, this is nine years after Novacaine.
But it’s still 2005, and I know there are people who think he’s done something good in the last two decades…


Oh boy…this could be either (a) a whole lot of fun or (b) a rabbit hole from which I might never escape

First entry:

Carouselambra - Led Zeppelin from their final studio album Presence:

Edit: Album was In Through The Out Door…Thanks @OBITV (and I call myself a Led Zep fan :roll_eyes: )

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A legit entry but one that the OP might take umbrage with :wink:

High Hopes - Pink Floyd from The Division Bell

You know my Waters allegiance.
Like that.
I’ll listen for you. Anything above OTTA will get a grudging pass.

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(though Weezer have lost me again since…)

Errr … In Through The Out Door?

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If this was a band’s debut track; I’d find a lot to like here.
It’s not going onto my rotation, but…if they were new and I was 14…I’d anticipate their next release.

Not an unexpected reaction from you…I’ll just leave this little mine for you:

It’s better than anything Waters ever managed on his own! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You have the right to be wrong about anything you like.
There are five songs (minimum) that are better than this on KAOS.

But it was still a good song.
My point was that it was a song that promised more later.
And to be fair, it did.
Big Log and Heaven Knows.

Edit: oh wait, you were talking about High Hopes
It is NOT as good as On The Turning Away.
And I only said that as a mid level to clear.
Learning To Fly is a legit Floyd track.

To throw this up there is…I’m sorry, it’s just wrong.

Sirens by Pearl Jam is a Much better Floyd song.

Ok…I farked up there…I was so caught up in our Gilmour/Waters banter that I thought you were reacting to the Pink Floyd track (hence my Waters reference).

But given my feelings on post Pink Floyd Waters, I’ll stick with my original statement.

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How deep have you gone into Robert Plant’s post Led Zep catalogue?

Not a lot.
I’m not aware of much besides Sea of Love which suuuuucks.
Big Red One is nowhere near the song it wants to be.

Big Log is mint. Heaven Knows is clever and…for him…intuitive, and absolute mint.
I don’t even Like Plant.
Page seems a much cooler guy.

But apart from a bit part on People Get Ready…he hasn’t given me a lot to love.

I will admit to being a huge Robert Plant fan…have seen him in concert a few times and he has been superb.

He plays no Led Zep stuff…and last time I saw him, virtually nothing from his 80s period.

He is one of those rare musos who doesn’t let his ego get in the way of exploring new music…hell, he has even done a couple of bluegrass albums with Alison Krauss (both quite good imo).


Also…there is No song on KAOS that’s worse than High Hopes.

Again, credit where it’s due: Learning To Fly is elite Pink Floyd.
On The Turning Away is…okay….

I’m really not trying to be mean, but Sirens is a better Floyd song than High Hopes.

To be fair, I’ve never seen him.
But I’ve heard reports from people who have and they never fail to tell me he has this Colonial attitude; and honestly…Fark that.
Not only am I not paying for that, I’m not even listening to that.
I don’t care how good you think you were.

I’m not sure what you mean here?