Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Hun now has an online update ( behind paywall) reporting Elliott’s father meeting with a senior Essendon official who raised Gatto involvement, which later came to nothing. According to the report, the meeting could be verified by a third party present at the meeting.
This may be a get Robson exercise.


This is what the entire article is really about, only the majority of people wont read that far…Gallagher Bassett has since ruled that the claims did not warrant WorkSafe payouts, but did not pass judgment on the validity of the allegations.

Mr Elliott is appealing the decision to the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service, while Mr Wallis is assessing his options

It all about Wallis & Elliott’s worksafe compensation claim …which was rejected in the end …now however they face investigation by Police for potential blackmail charges against the club …dumb really dumb …


AFL Integrity? Quick call Clothier up, get him on the case pronto. he will soon leave/sort out the bits we don’t need.


He’s going on because I imagine that it’s actually really good promotion for his business.

Which when you think about it, it’s a great business for Gatto. I mean if you owed a dude money, and Mick Gatto came knocking at your door looking for it, is there any chance that you’re not paying?


Still won’t get me to watch the footy show.


I thought that some high up members, in coteries or whatever, got in touch with gatto - When Charters changed his testimony, same with alavi etc.


Has nothing to do with players or current administration. A total non issue. Just exposes the media still wants to milk us


I hope the media camps out on Evans and Robson front lawn


Is Gatto friends with Michael Hamill?


We should play this at the G pre game for round 1


It’s going to be quite a movie, isn’t it?


so the tapes get released last week…

nek minute…



Yep. Exactly what it is. Return fire. There’d be a page of brainstormed headlines ready to roll out as soon as the AFL get mentioned in a negative light on this.


Pretty comprehensively detailed and fantastical to be a complete fallacy.

Not saying I just naturally buy every last bit… but honestly…


I wonder if Melbourne’s new coach injecting “the good stuff” contributed to the stress noted.

Mick Gatto confirms he spoke to Essendon during height of doping scandal

Michael Warner, Herald Sun
10 minutes ago

UNDERWORLD enforcer Mick Gatto has sensationally confirmed he was approached by a senior Essendon figure at the height of the drugs saga to “find out what was going on with it all”.

The Herald Sun has obtained a video of Gatto being interviewed by The Footy Show star Sam Newman at a Lygon St restaurant this afternoon.

“With this one, I did get embroiled in it and I was approached,” Gatto said at Villa Romana.

Pressed by Channel 9’s Sam Newman if he was approached by an official of the Essendon Football Club to help fix the doping mess, Gatto said: “I was. I was. But it wouldn’t be very professional of me to divulge who.

“They just wanted me to find out what was going on with it all and what I could find out and have a feel around.”

Mick Gatto interviewed by Sam Newman today.
Gatto then shifted the conversation to how he had also assisted supplements supplier Shane Charter.

“But listen, before you go down that track, I was approached by Shane Charter,” he said.

“Now Shane came and saw me and he said: ‘Mate, I’ve been hard done by here’.

“And he said: ‘I can prove without any shadow of a doubt that the supplement they brought over here’, the Miso-4 (Thymosin beta-4) or whatever it was, ‘I can prove that it wasn’t that, it was something else’.

“He had compelling evidence that it was legal.

“We done a deal with some members of Essendon who tried to do a deal and he wanted to be paid for it because of his hardship and what he had been dragged through. They wouldn’t hand over so they went and paid lawyers millions of dollars instead.”

The Carlton identities revelations will be embarrassing for Essendon which last night claimed there were “no dealings” between a senior club official and the man acquitted for the murder of hitman Andrew “Benji” Veniamin 12 years ago.

Gatto proved he had shot Veniamin in self-defence.

The Herald Sun was provided with footage of the interview by sports and gossip website 15 Minutes of Fame.

Charters clearly an opportunistic kent


Charters changed his story several times. His story fitted with whatever would get him some money.


Wouldnt it be good if we could find out what laws the media broke to get scoops, like phone hacking, email hacking , Asada moles, AFL moles (not including caro) ECT ECT E ■■■■■■ cetra


We need to start whacking some of these muppets (especially ex employees) with law suits I think. Herald sun releases wild allegations without even getting comment from the club first. All the damage is done by just printing this garbage.