Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Proactive - I applaud that too
I read the article at some stupid hour this morning - upon reread it could either.


Wasn’t it reported ages ago that Charters was using Gatto to shop around his witness statement for a price?

Feels like this just feeds into that.

Not surprised people like Wallis and Cocheran are singing to the press now. Club offered them up as a sacrifice and were they just meant to take that lying down?


Dank said to Dan Bates from Melbourne Football Club that he had a way to make it ‘tax effective’ for the club.

Reading between the lines, Dank may have set the Essendon supplement program up as a ‘research and development’ project, so the club could claim back the 150% tax credit. This info dovetails nicely into the ‘uncontrolled environment’ statements assigned to Ziggy.

Take this info of a R&D program as a best guess that needs to be confirmed…


At least the general fatigue of everybody surrounding ‘The Saga’ means that this story will be forgotten by the weekend… The previously rabid football masses are so over saga-related scandals that even a story that James Hird operated a Fritzl-like rape dungeon under the TVSC during 2012 will barely raise more than a ‘meh’ from the football public…


The sexual harassment was when the doc told them to gagf.


Essendon boss Lindsay Tanner dismissed the allegations as the acts of disgruntled ex-employees.
“Two disgruntled ex-employees have made a number of false and unsubstantiated allegations against the club,” Tanner said.

“Allegations of … dealings with Mick Gatto are false. Inappropriate demands and threats made upon Essendon Football Club have been reported to the AFL Integrity Department and on its advice, Victoria Police have been contacted.”


Dank hasn’t a clue, EFC don’t pay income tax so no tax breaks from R & D.

It’s exempt under Section 50-45 of the Income Tax Assessment Act.


Wow. She managed to disguise her lisp quite well.


John Elliot? Weird? Isn’t he that stalwart that has been around for a thousand years and always seems happy as Larry? I didn’t know he’d been punted.

Gotta say none of this reflects well on the club at all. As Sal says it reinforces the theory that we were a shambolic club and got taken for a ride which I have believed in varying amounts since the start.

The Gatto thing - if true - is a shame. Probably trying to speak to Charters in a language he understands. What the actual message was and why? Who of us could ever know.

Probably just lucky no one gives a ■■■■ anymore. Bring on footy.


In September 2013, Baker and McKenzie reported that, in regard to an email exchange between de Morton , Corcoran and Robinson in October 2012, de Morton warned against indications that the club would bill Medicare for some heart checks. I wonder the source of that reporting, which was around the time that the AFL charges against Reid were dropped.
Later in June 2014, it was reported that the Purana task force had arrested Dank in relation to possible Medicare fraud. Nothing seems to have come of this. Alavi had also accused Dank of ripping him off. but it turned out it was someone else who was later charged.
It is also notable that no criminal charges appear to have emanated from the ACC investigations, despite the beat up at the time.


I hope the door hits Kate Ellis on the way out.


I was also suprised to hear that. Wasn’t he originally the kid that was a die hard fan that came to training, volunteering to help out and collect the balls and witches hats after? Then was offered a small job because of his commitment. Same guy that calls everyone brother?


Did Ellis have anything to do with the Saga? In 2009 she commissioned a report on ASADA, part of which was released to the Senate following a request by Madigan. IIRC, Abib came after her, followed by Lundy.


So you assume that this is correct and the reflects badly on the club? Why not assume it is a pack of lies and reflects badly on those two blokes for trying to blackmail the club?


Hard to say Carlisle was wrong with his famous ‘this club is farked’ call lol.

FMD this was an absolute circus.

Geez we have taken a battering.

Hurry up and build that time machine please Doc Brown. What I’d give to undo all this.


You are quite right, I should have checked beforehand.

■■■■■■ hell!

I did find this in the FY2013 accounts:

AFL/ASADA investigation fine, legal and consulting expenses $3,939,710

And this in the FY2014 accounts:

AFL/ASADA investigation fine, legal and consulting net expenses $1,071,438

And this in the FY2015 accounts:

AFL/ASADA/WADA related legal and consulting $460,618

And this in the FY2016 accounts:

ASADA/WADA related costs $4,921,584

The last one would be greater as it probably includes the finalisation of many ongoing invoices.


Gatto going on the Footy Show tonight to be interviewed by Newman.


I assume it is correct: why did Demetriou get Robson the job at Melbourne Victory, why did Hamiltion get his job with the AFL, why did Robinson get his job with KPMG? I reckon Evans and Demetriou needed them onside. And now it seems Robson may have been involved in some scam to defraud medicare.

It doesn’t make sense for Elliot and Wallis to make all this up. Something smells. Essendon needs to be investigated and not by Ziggy.


What a surprise


Someone needs to take Falcor out the back and give him the Old Yeller treatment.