Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


Wilson did an article on 11 April 2013, referring to Jonah Oliver as allegedly charging Medicare for treatments not received by the players. This was related to Ziggy’s investigations. Who was the mole telling her such sensitive information?


The Hun are pretty much his cheer leaders.


Nonetheless, for a CEO of a football club at the centre of the biggest saga in Australian sporting history, who stood himself down, he walked into that job like a feckin’ cleanskin who had been headhunted. Dodgy as ■■■■. Nah, nah, Hirdy, mate, it was all Hirdy, etc.


Not disputing that. ■■■■ him.


I’m pretty sure I read that Gatto is a Collingwood supporter, but same difference.


Didn’t Jeff Kennett, when he was president of the Hawks, and a number of Hawthorn people say that they were glad to see the back of Robson when we poached him from there?

Not sure if it was sour grapes that we enticed him away from there, as he was credited with helping turn their fortunes around when they were struggling, or that they were genuinely happy that he left and thought of him as a bit of a kent towards the end of his tenure there.


The Miso-4.

Perhaps there wasn’t a drug dungeon after all, and it was actually just a basement level Japanese restaurant they were all going to.


No clue why I’m continuing this discussion but was he not a member of the Carlton Crew?


The Age running with the fact Police are now investigating Wallis, Elliot and Elliot Snr for blackmail.

There are no winners in any of this.

Also running with it was Mick Gatto that approached Paul Little offering his services but that Little declined the offer.

Former Essendon premiership player Dean Wallis allegedly made a series of late-night irate and threatening phone calls to senior people within the AFL and Essendon and is now one of the subjects of a blackmail investigation by police.

Wallis, a two-time premiership player, is understood to have called AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan, Essendon chief executive Xavier Campbell and his predecessor, Ian Robson, making serious allegations and threats.

Wallis and another former employee, John Elliott, have made serious allegations about the club as part of a compensation claim after losing their jobs at the club. Elliott’s father, also named John Elliott, is understood to also be the subject of a police blackmail investigation.

The AFL advised Essendon to go to the police with a blackmail complaint after the club had sought the league integrity unit’s help in how to deal with the two disgruntled former employees.

The Bombers executive team is understood to have contacted the AFL’s integrity unit several weeks ago in part to alert them to the serious allegations that were being made about the club in a Workcover claim and secondly to seek advice on how to handle threats that were being made against the club and individual employees.

Xavier Campbell is understood to have informed the league that demands had been made for money by Wallis as part of the compensation claim but also by Elliott Snr that unless money was paid then they would go to the media with serious allegations.

News Corp Australia on Thursday published a sworn statement by the pair as part of the Workcover claim. They alleged cocaine use and sexual harassment claims at the club involving at least one senior figure had been covered up. They further alleged that the club had been in negotiations with underworld figure Mick Gatto at the height of the Stephen Dank, Shane Charter drug-injecting saga.

In a TV interview on Thursday night, Gatto claimed he had been approached by Essendon to help “sort out” the supplements scandal, but that he had also approached the club on behalf of biochemist Charter.

Essendon chairman Lindsay Tanner released a statement on Thursday night claiming Gatto had contacted the club offering his services, not the other way around.

"As previously stated, Essendon CEO Xavier Campbell has had no dealings with Mick Gatto and kept the AFL Integrity Department informed at all times," Tanner said.

"I am advised by my predecessor Paul LIttle that he was approached by Mick Gatto offering his services and this offer was declined." The club strenuously denied these allegations and it is understood these were among the allegations which were threatened to be made public that were at the heart of the blackmail claim.

Wallis and Elliott signed sworn statements for investigators also alleging a fraud involving the healthcare rebate. The pair claim to have blown the whistle on the scam to senior club officials only to be told to keep quiet about the claims.

The AFL Integrity Unit, which employs former senior police officers, advised Essendon that the seriousness of the threats and allegations warranted them making a complaint to police.

Victoria Police on Thursday confirmed they were “investigating a report of a blackmail matter. As this investigation is ongoing, it would not be appropriate to comment further at this time”.

Workcover investigated the claims made by the pair who had both lost their jobs at the club - Wallis had been an assistant coach who did not have his contract renewed and Elliott, who had been hired by James Hird at the time of his arrival as coach was made redundant after a department restructure.

Workcover interviewed more than a dozen current and former Essendon employees as part of its investigation and rejected the Workcover claim. Elliott is appealing the Workcover decision. The pair has also made a claim against the club’s insurer for stress.


Not so much saga related but I did have a slight chuckle today when Mark Williams called Caro a “Sad old woman”


Scratch Wallis off the 93 and 2000 Premiership Teams.
He can ■■■■ right off, after his betting scandal and how we stood by him we do this.
■■■■ that guy.


Yes that is correct. I thought it was sour grapes too. But after a while it was pretty clear that Robson was a swarmy front man with no substance.


Anyone else wonder whether old Deano may have a bit of a financial problem due to gambling and needs a pay out to keep the wolves away from the door?


Perhaps he should enlist the services of one Mick Gatto to help be a mediator for him with his creditors if that so may be the case?


It doesn’t take EFC management long to come out & defend themselves.
Pity they couldn’t do it for James & the players.


If the club really wants to stop Dean Wallis, maybe they should put Fraser Brown in front of him.


You wouldn’t want D Wallis calling after 9pm.


I don’t think I’d want Dean Wallis calling before 9pm, either.


I spoke to him in late 2009 on a night out with John Barnes and he mentioned how much he hated the club.

Never looked at him the same since.


Hard to get interested in footy with all the slimy **** running the show.
I’d rather be playing and watching golf.
At least the rules dont changes every 5 mins.