Sorry Saga - “It’s actually quite funny people thinking they know more than they actually do”


this is 100% ******* gold


Actually the R&A change a couple of rules every year.


From a club that pretty much had no scandals, to one that gets hooked up into a blackmail scandal and we go; “meh”.


AFL response to the Taped interview – bear in mind the story is apparently based on an Insurance Company Investigator’s report - they usually are very literary documents.

Bombers boss secretly taped meeting in bid to prove blackmail

Michael Warner, Herald Sun
18 minutes ago

BOMBERS boss Xavier Campbell secretly taped a cafe meeting with the father of former team manager John Elliott in a bid to prove the club was being blackmailed.

The Herald Sun can reveal Mr Campbell met John Elliott Sr at the Edward Abbott cafe in Napier St, Strathmore, last December to discuss John Elliott Jr’s redundancy after seven years as a club employee.

Mr Elliott Sr allegedly told Mr Campbell he did not believe his son had been offered enough money in his exit package and threatened to “sling a bit of mud, which will stick” unless it were increased.

In a legal letter sent two days later to Mr Elliott Sr, Bombers lawyer Tony Hargreaves declared: “Having listened to the recording, it is my opinion that you have committed the offence of blackmail … You have, among other things, threatened Mr Campbell that unless the club increases the offer to your son, you will speak to journalists with a view to discrediting Mr Campbell and or the club.

“We wish to make Mr Campbell’s position abundantly clear to you.

“Neither he nor the Essendon Football Club will tolerate being blackmailed.”

Mr Hargreaves alleged that in the taped meeting Mr Elliott Sr said words to the effect of:

“I DON’T want to get into mudslinging — I don’t want it on the front page of the paper”;

“IF it gets dirty I will go fullbore. I have a lot of c–t in me”;

“AS you know, a little bit of mud sticks, whether it’s true or not.”

“I AM happy to fight in the gutter, because that is how I have been brought up.”

Allegations against the club are detailed in statements by Mr Elliott Jr and Dean Wallis to an investigator acting on behalf of insurance broker Gallagher Bassett, which was assessing their claims for compensation for stress and anxiety they blamed on the club.

Mr Wallis, a former Dons assistant coach and team services and logistics manager, claims in his statement: “I have been scapegoated in relation to the supplement program, while others at the club have been covering up the use of cocaine, sexual harassment and fraudulent behaviour.”

Each declared: “This statement made by me accurately sets out the evidence which I would be prepared, if necessary, to give in court as a witness … I make it knowing that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated anything in it which I know to be false or do not believe to true.’’

Gallagher Bassett ruled that the claims did not warrant WorkSafe payouts, but did not pass judgment on the validity of the allegations.

Responding to claims of threats and inappropriate demands, Mr Elliott Jr said on Thursday: “I want it to be very clear that I have only ever sought a reasonable settlement for the termination of my employment by the club and for my WorkCover claim which is now progressed to formal conciliation. I also want it to be made very clear that I have not been paid by the Herald Sun or anyone else.”

Victoria Police confirmed it was investigating “following a report of a blackmail matter, (but) as this investigation is ongoing, it would not be appropriate to comment further.”


Well. It was a very legal case.


This shitt will go on for years as people that know the secrets seek to cash in &/or just seek their 15 minutes.

There’s no doubt in my mind the truth will fully out itself over the next 5 - 10 years.

So bring it all the fk on ASAP & get it out of the way sooner rather than later I reckon.

Pour forth all you bastards, … go your hardest.


Well why aren’t the Victorian police investigating the AFL for Blackmail…didn’t the other recorded meeting state that the AFL threatened to ‘Stand down’ the club if we didn’t take it up the ■■■? Whats the difference?


You are a poor man’s Red Sash.


Well this is what happens when a club bends over and takes it, like it did for the AFL, and the Rodeo Clown. Everyone lines up for a turn. Everyone thinks they can get a pay packet. If it had of stood up for Hird and players in the first place, instead of trying to cut dodgy deals with dodgy customers (AFL). It would not be in this position.

This just reiterates why many of us are angry at the club. They where a shambles with no backbone. Senior management wouldn’t listen to its staff, and where only worried about dollars and covering there own livelihoods. It has absolutely nothing to do with the supplement program itself.

The current administration are just as soft and run for the cover of the AFL, who ironically got them in mess in the first place.


John Elliott Snr, and Sarah, have never been seen in the same room… Hmmm…

Seriously though, this is a farkin mess, and I’m sure it won’t be the last disgruntled ex staff member or player to have their crack.

Sorry saga indeed.


don’t agree. Wallis was a fine player in both those premierships. The club has not treated him well. And it has form; look at the way it treated Corcoran and Hird.


Surely today’s reporting was a new low even for the herald scum. Publishing those claims on the they have a zac merret poster, then by the end.of the day.they’ve article stating the two people.who were.their sources, have been blackmailing

Absolute gutter.journalists.


X gon give it to ya

on tape


Well done X Man


WTF? The guy got banned for 14 months for betting on AFL games. The Club stood by him and ensured a job for him during and after the ban. I think the Club has supported him well overall.


I’ll continue it a little bit more…

Gatto said he would have taken a cut of any deal: “That was the reason I was in it. I’m not an Essendon supporter, I’m a Collingwood supporter.


Post of the thread so far


Leaving aside the way in which Dean Wallis has handled this , he has a few axes to grind, including his axing by the club when others more senior stayed or got lucrative jobs with the AFL, together with the AFLV ordered testing of Doutta Stars players by ASADA in 2015 after the club had Dank as a speaker at a club function.


goodness me Dean likes a punt, what a bad person. Are you sure you are not Milo Hanna? Let’s get real. The club was disfunctional under Evans and Robson, and remember Campbell was part of their team. Wallis is a decent man and was a damn good footballer ask Sheedy.